Different world ritual


so i found this spell online, about going to a different world. i tried and it almost worked but i tried going to a pretty much dangerous world in which i wouldn’t survive for even a sec.
so… any tips for going there?
things i should learn?
weapons to bring?
tactics to learn???
i’m clueless ;-;

  1. A way back

  2. Something holy that can protect you against anything evil

  3. When you get the chance, hide

  4. And don’t forget to have someone who is slower then you


:joy: alright, thanks i guess.


Going to a different world how? On what level?
Can you post the link or more details for those of us not familiar with this spell?


alright i will! here you go: https://www.spellsofmagic.com/spells/spiritual_spells/power_spells/18297/page.html


Sorry, but I don’t think that will work unless you’ve seen that spell work. I’ve been to that forum or website many times in the past and pretty much all spells that say that they’re high level are a lie. But that’s my opinion give it a go and tell us how it was.


don’t think this kind spell will work. if u want to visit other realms , U can start with shamanic journey.


Oh I thought this was an astral travel question… Yeah, what they said. :point_up:

Astral travel and journeying is how you walk between the worlds. That spell is pure fantasy. Might be doable after years of work, but then there’d be a lot more to the energy work behind it than a few words. But you can invent any world in your corner of the astral you like.


The spell even contradicts its self…


I’d agree, that spell is just weird.
But maybe it helped you (unintentionally) do a brief Astral travel.
Look into Astral travel, and try that out :slight_smile:


Get some contracting work for portal Deities, OP! Janus & Janna are the best portalers known to classical mythology, and IME if you help stabilize and anchor their portals, sometimes you can go through them! Peek through lights when you get the urge, you never know what planet you’ll end up on! :slight_smile: