Different ways to ascention

Hi, guys!
I have one question that I can’t find an answer to:

How to ascend to the godhood?

I have read a lot of discussion on the ascent, but how to do it? Some say through the Qliphoth, others through the Eastern tecniques, and some say you can do it on your know, others say you have do it in an magician order.
I’m lost… in my tradition, Witchcraft, we are not preoccupied with these things, that’s why I never got to know about this. Maybe I’m wrong, i don’t know, it’s confusing to me.
So, I would like to ask you guys as experienced occult practicioners. How do you go about your own ascention?
Thank you very much!

Personally I’ve worked with void entities and used their knowledge to help me ascend. For me the goal of ascension is to gain complete power and authority over everything. I’ve gone about this by practicing manipulative spells and spells that forcefully command something to act or change. This includes the manipulation of others, baleful curses, weather spells, learning to command and control lesser spirits, learning to summon powerful entities as an equal and finally learning to fully possess an other person.
I believe the path to ascension will be different for everyone, depending on how ambitious you are, what your talents are and what your personality is like. Though ultimately we all end up in the same place: a point at which we have obtained complete power and mastered all aspects of control.

From my experience, Ascension isn’t something that you just “attain” like that, it’s a continual process that you work on by a variety of methods. There is no set ritual or method to get there, just as in life there is no concreate way to obtain success, you work towards it by using everything at your disposal. There are a lot of ways you can work on your ascent, from working on it yourself through mantras, yoga and manipulating your on auric field to increase energy. To working directly with spirits that help you along your path, like you say you can work up the Qliphoth, or you can work on the 3 godlike powers and attain ascension through that.

The best piece of advice I can give is to summon up spirits. It sound simple, but conjuring up a spirit and getting advice from it is the best way to work through it in my opinion. Spirits can bring about changes in the physical world yes, but they can also bring about changes in your body and energy. There are numerous entities in KoF that specialise explicitly in Ascent work, to name a few: Deggal (he is one of the first spirits you should turn to with ascent, he “comes enveloped in a divine light and will surround the magician in a similar light, which will serve to manifest ones greatest qualities and unleash godliness”), Enkidorat (Grand Angel of ascent), and Pontimas (guides the magician in clearing karma and negative blocks to allow you to push forward with ascent).


Very good points, Azael. I was thinking of getting the KoF book, I felt the urge to start working within that system. Interesting that you mentioned it. Thank you.
Zac, I agree that path to ascension is different for everyone. I thought that as well, but wasn’t sure what you guys think that are already on this path. Thanks!

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No matter what path you start walking down, it’s always going to become your own unique path.

When you work with spirits, they customize their teachings for you, guiding you to understand a little more than you did before.

I suspect there is no true destination of “godhood” to arrive at. And when I feel like I’ve arrived, I’m finally initiated and ready to start learning something. :wink:

I examine my life and decide what to make better, then do whatever it takes to make it better. Using magic, research, brainstorming, and/or plain hard work.

In addition to specific MEASURABLE results based things, I focus daily on fundamentals like physical and mental health, willpower, and open minded skepticism, since those make everything else easier and more efficient.

There are other options also I am part of the Draconian tradition which means we work with the ancient gods/demons to ascend. There were a set of trials I had to pass through to get into this current. Each was a different weekly working for 11 weeks. This was a intro course through a Temple I was interested in. It worked very well for me and people have been noticing differences in me ever since. Draconian path is a very great ascent path but it is not for everyone as it deals with kundalini, bloodletting, and very old energies. The energies in the meditations and rituals were astounding. This is only one path however. You just have to find what works for you.

Awalter666, may I ask which Order? Is it the Dragon Rouge? I read Karlsson’s books and they are very interesting to me.

Hey Lilith no actually it’s the Temple of Ascending Flame. It’s Luciferian but there are other gods we work with and we can each work with other systems as we wish. There are 6 patrons to this temple. Lilith, Hecate, Lucifer, Arachne, Set, and Belial. Each has a primal connection to the draconian current. I’ll have to look him up them haha I am not too familiar with his works.

Asenath Mason, of Temple of Ascending Flame, had a group before which was affiliated with Dragon Rouge.

Interesting, I didn’t know that. I wil check her work. Thanks!