Different questions about demons

Hello everyone.There are some questions tampering my mind. I read various resources about the demons, and i little bit confused.

1.İn pacts, demons wants ultimate prices from us? i know “selling soul for fame” is a bullshit, but some occultists says demons claims our souls for their spirit legions. İs that true? or its another judeo-christian bullshit?
2.Why demons help us? i mean, we only give them basic offerings or workings, but demons grants us many valuable powers,skills, and wisdom. İs not here any strangeness?
3.İs demons really cares humans or humanity? they are help us genereously because they want ascend the humans? or we are spineless tools or amusements for them?
4.Angels are servants of yahweh/allah? or they are independent entities?
5.Lucifer and other demon lords at war against yhwh and abrahamic religions?

İf you find this topic offensive, i’m sorry. Im very respect and wonder demons. This is about my curiosity and inquisitiveness. Thanks for your attention.


The offerings themselves aren’t what we give. When a magi makes an offering, you are severing the offering from this timeline, and offering the POTENTIAL to the spirit. For example: if you offer a cake to a God, what you aren’t offering is the cake itself. You’re offering the future actions that could have been taken, the actions and effects fuelled by that cake. You offered the cake, so it’s energy won’t spread and it will be instead taken by the spirit.

Some demons don’t care about us, some do. The best way I can describe it is if you’re an adult and you meet a kid that for whatever reason, you just like their energy, their style. So you choose to help them out because of the similarity in energies.

Lucifer and the infernal legion is more ideologically at war with abrahamic religion, than actual battlefield war. Abrahamic religions tend to promote stagnation and fear instead of growth and development, in my experience anyway


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1- BS
2- you have to remember they do not see the world as a human would so it takes time to not look through a human lense when thinking of them.
Daemons get energy from us working with them they also get to be part of this reality which they want. Remember we have physical bodies and they don’t.
3- most want us to ascend but there are always lesser ones who don’t care.
4- Independant, from what I’ve found, they follow AA Michael not Yahwah.
5-No. Lucifer is still friends with Michael. They are the same kind of creature just different vibrations is the best way I can explain it so far.
(but then again the Celestials aren’t associated with abrahamic faith really so :woman_shrugging: )