Different predictions, same question

I’m starting to learn the art of divination, probably going to start with tarot since it’s the most widely available. I was just wondering a few things and I hope it’s ok to post. There has been a few times when I had gotten a reading done and different readers gave totally different predictions/answers for the same question I had. Why does that happen? Is it because the future is not set in stone?
It was asked in the same time frame as well so it’s not like a lot of time had elapsed so the prediction changed.

Also does being psychic means that your predictions are more concrete and inevitable than a prediction by someone who’s not psychic but just did a reading?


Divination is like a map, it show the different was you could go and depending on what route you take you will be in different places, this does not mean the map is wrong.

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It all depends on the skill of the reader whether there psychic or not. Predications vary with different interpretations of the cards. Your right, your future is not set in stone there are too many variables in life to have spot on accurarcy most readings give general indicators of what might happen. It is up to you to decide if the answers are valid and move forward with the information.

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so you mean if i hear a prediction and i don’t like it, i can always change it because well it hasn’t happened yet and what hasn’t happened is not a fact just a possibility, right?

if the person is psychic the same applies, psychic predictions can also be changed?

A reading simply shows possibilities, not certainties.

Most often, what a reading will show is the most likely outcome, if no action is not taken to change it.


yes. it’s just that i had 3 different outcomes predicted by 3 different readers for the same question :sweat_smile:

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There are many reasons for this.

The future is always in flux, and is constantly being effected by every decision we make. Each reader is seeing a different possibility because, at the time of their reading, the potential futures have evolved so each reader is essentially seeing a different reality.

The quantum soup changes instantly so it doesn’t matter how much time has elapsed between readings because time does not exist at the quantum level. With the speed of thought, a new possibility can be born.

Every time you ask the same question at a different reader, you are setting the quantum soup in motion again.

Another possibility is the biases of the reader. The information is interpreted by the mind of the reader, and their own particular view of things can colour what they see. For example, a RHP reader who is against working with demons, will see a negative outcome if asked about working with Lucifer. A LHP reader, on the other hand, may interpret the same reading in a positive light, even if the cards themselves are negative.

The best readers will be able to get out of their own way.

You yourself could also be effecting the readings via your intentions, doubts, and desires for a particular outcome. The more you go looking for a reading on the same question, the more likely it is that the cards will show you the outcome you want, rather than the one that is of the highest possibility.


@DarkestKnight I understand this, thanks. there’s a certain outcome that I really don’t want to occur, and that seems to be the high possibility as of now. i think in my panic to not want that to happen i got multiple readings but then i realized that, even if it’s one of the most possible outcome now doesn’t mean i can’t change it. all i have to do is work towards it not happening but what i actually want to happen and it will go from being most likely to much less likely, am I right in thinking this?

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One thing to keep in mind though, is the more you focus on the outcome that you fear, the more likely that outcome is to solidify. It will become a self fulfilling prophecy. After all, one of the basic principles of magick is that we tend to get what we most focus on and devote our emotional energy to, and that especially applies to what we fear.

Instead of getting multiple readings on the same question, my advice would have been to ask “how can I change this outcome?”


@DarkestKnight you are totally right, i agree. what we focus on seems to happen more.
that’s why i decided to stop focusing on it or even mentioning or questioning it, but instead focus on changing it.

the thing is i already know how to change the outcome and have been actively working towards what i do want to happen but for a moment there i got so preoccupied with the negative possible outcome that instead of focusing and working on changing, i just obsessed over it for days but i’m done now. thanks for the insight!

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