Different Evocation Question

So Im not sure where to ask this question so Im going to start here… Knowing that through vampirism there are entities to evoke such as Lillith. Does anyone know if there are entities to evoke that specialize in things such as Lycanthopy or animal spirits?

Hekate and Gullveig comes to mind.
Werewolves is also something i would like to hear more about on this forum and from E.A. I love what E.A. has written about vampirism. I would also like to hear about what he has encountered regarding lycanthropy (or werewolfism or whatever one would call it).

Yeah thats what Im really interested in also and what entities would be best to learn about it. Like I said vampirism has Lillith which for all intents and purposes would be the vampire queen. You would think some entity would exist for Werewolves or Lycanthropes as well.

There definately do. Mark Alan Smith has a “sort off” werewolf working in his gnosis from Hekate. And “Gullveigarbók” teaches one to get in contact with Gullveig as the mother of werewolves, inside the dark forrest Jarnvidr.
Also, I have read that werewolfism and vampirism is explored in Nicholaj Frisvold’s book “Exu”, although I can’t be sure of just how much it is discussed. I haven’t read the book yet.

Ill definitely check into those books you listed or info on the authors. Ive searched the internet but havent found anything solid so far unfortunately, but hadnt heard of those names your brought up either. Well aside from Hecate but didnt know she was tied to werewolves either.

Gullveig is a jotun sorceress in norse myths. I think Gullveigarbók is best in this regard since it has more focus on the goddess’ relation to the werewolf, than Mark Alan Smith’s book has.

You should be able to buy it here:http://www.fallofman.eu/releases.html
I bought it off ebay.

I guess it’s a matter of debate whether Hekate is in company with werewolves. She’s mostly in company of dogs. I can’t remember whether she in the old myths and images are wolf-faced or has wolves around her, or if it’s only dogs, but to many practioners, dogs are easily changed to wolves and then to werewolves. So I don’t exactly know if Hekate is related to werewolves per se. Only that she is related to dogs. In any case, in Mark Alan Smith’s gnosis, she is related to wolves.

Thanks for the info I’ll definitely look into it and see what I can find. Have you ever tried evoking Hecate? She seems like a very very intense being. Oh and I think I have heard of Mark Allan Smith. He’s English right, and wrote a book called the red scopion or something like that yeah?

I haven’t evoked Hekate, not exactly. And I can’t tell you of my experience with her. I think Mark Alan Smith is english, yeah. A very nice guy too! Wrote Queen of Hell, The Red King, and The Scorpion God. I really love his books. Or atleast his first book, since I haven’t read the other two. He has a site, Primalcraft.com.

Yeah thats the guy I’m thinking of. Have you heard either of his interviews on witchtalk? Its a sort of radio show or used to be on youtube. He has two interviews about an hour or two each. Pretty intense stuff especially when talking about how the power released by evoking Hecate decapitated his two kittens. So rule I guess is do rituals with her far from your pets. lol

Yeah, I have heard his interviews. I really liked him, but I can’t stand the interviewer. Carrigan or whathisname. But it’s been awhile since I heard the interviews. Can’t remember much. I don’t recall this evocation he did, but it sounds intense. I will have to listen to it again. :slight_smile:

Yeah kerrigan griffin or something like that. He has some cool people he interviews but his style can be somewhat annoying and lacks the seriousness it should have sometimes. I dont think hes doing it anymore though. They havent posted anything online in a long time.

Did you thought in researching some entity traditionally associated with shamanism or indigenous cultures? I really don’t know these cultures to suggest any specific entity, but if the interest is lycanthropy, I would start by these sources.

yeah shamanism doesnt seem a bad path to go but seems a lot of that focuses on potions and herbs to get into an altered state and was looking for more through ritual to get there.

just a thought- though I don’t have specific in mind- is the Bear-Sarker (berserker) method, and thus the “current” and Entities behind it (in the Saga’s where it was taught and empowered) may be related to what Attis wrote above. But i was thinking there is the focus in Norse, and even in to the Eu-rope, via Germanic and into the Bretton (and thus in Kelt-ic about shapechanging via battle-transformation, vs meta-morphing per the inherent ability whether sidhhe enchantment to transform, or Seihdre energizing and self-evoke/leaping)

I find something I’ve been working on- 2, 3 even 4 entities that you know (working relationship- at least there is a "sense’ of harmony/being on the same page etc… ) - each of them being not-related to the others (and yet you don’t sense a clash between them- unknowing, but not violent-reacting) and then link up (only through you) those… and thus if 3 Entities each into you, and thus “in you” the 3 and you as 4th (ie 2 minds are better than 1 thing)… with the idea that insight by one may give further knowledge of elses exper… and by doing that one reaches a “mental” (energetic and specific Xrds) place- and from there sense particular contacts… sort of a friend of a friend kind of thing… Contacts you didn’t know, but those you did knew… who may directly connect you to… etc.

taokua: Nice point. Yea, the berserkers were contemporary with other shaman-fighters who were wolves instead of bears - I think they were called Úlfhéðnar. So instead of “bear” (ber), they were “wolf” (ulf).

Haha, taokua, I love the way you write!
It’s interesting that the Úlfhéðnar who imitated wolves also seem to be put together with the berserkergang, which very likely has the old norse word for bear in it.

Attis: Yep, they were homies. Ber (bear) and ulf (wolf) fighting together! :slight_smile:

Brother ber and brother ulf. Nice. Still funny that the Úlfhéðnar didn’t have their own word for their signatur state of mind.
I wonder why that is.

Very interesting stuff about the beserkers. Does anyone know a good resource to find more information around the wolf and bear beserkers?

I’m pretty sure that Odin teaches how to become a berserker.