Different demons?

I thought it would be pretty cool to share the link to this blog from V.K. Jehannum

I never tried evoking these demons before.

My favorite seems to be Lepaca since he helps with astral projection


90 percent of those demons are from the ars goetia but good read

If you’re really interested try to research other entities across different religious pantheons.


Yes, I read his articles on Lepaca too. I want to summon Lepaca to help speed up my astral projection practice durations, clarity and being very conscious in my astral body. I will give an update if I get a response on evoking him/her.

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did he help you?

Haha, i tried to invoke him once but I couldn’t detect his presence.

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Now I am simply doing VK’s rituals from his grimoire and hopefully I will get a response from those invocations some day. Just have to be patient and keep doing them.

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