Differences between passive and active blood?

I’ve recently realized that I have 2 distinct qualities of blood.

There’s the blood that drips out of a nice clean cut. It tastes sharp, metallic, harsh. The smell is delicious like victory. It is excised during ritual and the pain that accompanies it brings marvelous power.

Then, there’s menstrual blood. It tastes sweet, floral. The smell is healing. (Oh, and I collect it in a diva cup, so there is no hideous bacterial contamination and vile stench that accompanies tampons or pads. shudder shudder) It is never accompanied by pain, rather waves of immense pressure and power.

Since I began using menstrual blood and scrying into my face, instead of mutilating myself and scrying into silver, I have had an easier transition out of reality and into insane land; my face changes into an other’s, conversations are clearer in symbolism, coincidences happen continually now. Perhaps, though its just that I’m paying more attention.

Am I the only one who has noticed this phenomenally different physical quality in the material? It seems logical enough that there would be one since the endocrine system dumps loads of stress hormones into the body - adrenaline, cortisol, etc. when it is damaged (mentally, emotionally, or physically). And blood obtained without that contamination, so to speak, would have different properties. So, it makes me wonder what sort of effect mixing the two would bring into a work. Or what kind of qualitative difference (assuming one) it could have on different types of magic(I still detest the ‘k’) work. I’d imagine it would vary by woman and circumstance, but I wonder if there are common principles that apply as well as the interesting point that we can obtain blood with different essences, one at will, one passively.

And that gives me an idea…

Several ideas…

I’ve definitely noticed a difference between menstrual blood and blood shed from a cut, one (the menstrual blood) contains nutrients that were meant to support a life, different cell types, the other contains the usual army of antibodies and the beginnings of the wound-healing respinse - the body’s emergency responders.

Also, menstrual blood is at the kind of cusp of life and death for that month’s packet of DNA in the unfertilised ovum, whereas shed blood will carry attempts to heal the wound even if the person’s dying. It remains active and desperate to support life, in a different way.

Or at least, that’s how it feels to me - that there’s no comparison between the two types of blood.