What is the difference between a spiritual form and just shapeshifting the spiritual body?

What do you mean, I dont understand.


Some people say that a spirit gave them an astral form.
For example, if they gave someone a draconic form, how is it different than just shapeshifting to a draconic form

Does it entail special abilities? Does each form have a separate set of etheric genetics?

Those people would have to talk about what this means to them, it would be personal.
You can take any form you can imagine, it’s the same thing, but having the association with a specific spirit adds a layer of meaning that is between the spirit and you, and maybe bring an idea you would not have thought of by yourself.

Another type of astral form is one you wore in another life, whether that is incarnate or discarnate - and ime can include the life you have ‘lived’ in game avatars. Those are easier to assume and feel natural as you have already had your energy settle into that pattern before, and it can come to you. This is related to the concept of otherkin and how perceive thier past forms to still be with them.

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Being given an astral form is nothing special given the astral is the realm of thought.

What about etheric form?

That’s more of an alteration of the soul or teaching the person to shapeshift, however the latter does not give them the abilities of that form. If the ability is learnable they would need to learn it.

In this post you talked about Lucifer’s draconic form that was given to him. How is it different than if he shapeshifted just to look like a dark draconic?

Lucifer’s form was given to him by Nyx and even then it’s more complex than that which would require going into what I learned from Lucifer, in which case would contradict quite a bit of multiple views here which I choose not to touch in that post.

Shapeshifting is temporary.


You are saying Nyx is his creator?

One doesn’t equal the other.

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