Difference between Will, Manifestation of things in life and different realities

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What is will? How does someone manifest their will? What is the difference between someone’s will and manifestation of someone’s will? What is more powerful, will or external circumstances? There are different planes of existence, higher and lower. Where does our dimension lie? Are video games a window into a computer simulated reality?

Will the the desire to do something and allowing yourself to do it, that’s about it. No special idea behind it.

the manifestation of a person’s will can be the extent of their will or how their will manifests i.e the outcome of what they achieved.

powerful is relative to the individual, there’s no such thing as a objective powerful in this case.

The planes aren’t higher or lower, vibrations vibrate fast or slow and various spectrums between, high and low is a idea many new agers use to correlate high with good and low with bad. The astral vibrates faster than our physical and the spiritual which is why the imagination can manifest so easily there, the etheric/spiritual vibrates faster than our own which is why energy is tangible there, our plane earthly plane (cant speak for other places outside of this planet tbh) vibrates slower making energy not visible with the naked eye or the use of energy work as tangible as the spiritual, however there are planes that vibrate even slower than our own.

video games are the expression of its creator(s) imagination and with enough faith from creators or even customers of various degrees can bring said reality to exist within the mental plane/astral plane.

Desire and intent.

Using magic. Whether by exhausting the energy of their desire in ritual, or by deciding and living as if their desire is already theirs, law-of-assumption-style.

The difference is intent. You can sit there and will your right arm to raise using your thoughts alone, with all your might, but only with intent will you actually be able to raise your arm.

Depends on the mind of the practitioner. If you give too much power to external circumstance, then external circumstance is quite likely to win out.

Depends which system you believe in, I guess.

Like, if you can “raise your vibration high enough” you can teleport into the Final Fantasy VII universe? No, I don’t believe so.

Like, the existence of video games hedges that what we consider reality is really just an expansive simulation? Sure.

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In the video game The Evil Within 2 Sebastian accesses a void type dimension with black water and no light, from where he accesses other dimensions in the game within the computer simulation called STEM which he is attached to in a bathtub with a connector at the back of his head. In the series Stranger Things, when Eleven wants to communicate with her friends she again accesses a void type dimension. This void dimension has been called The Abyss by Aleister Crowley which is the space between dimensions. In the Matrix Neo and everyone else is hooked up to a computer via a connector at the back of head with access to the Matrix computer simulation (our dimension). Within A∴A∴ promotion to higher levels within the organisation requires the ability to access the Abyss. Is accessing the Abyss something an ordinary magician can do, or is it related to psionic abilities? Or is The Abyss within these TV shows just astral projection, or accessing their subconscious? A demon is said to exist in the Abyss called Choronzon “if he is met with proper preparation, then his function is to destroy the ego which allows the adept to move beyond the abyss of occult cosmology”. Has anyone ever moved beyond the Abyss? What is the purpose of the Abyss?

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Dive right into it, is its purpose :slight_smile:
Yes we ar plugged into a simulation, though not quite the Same as its depicted.
Play a video game, be the character, see where they want to go, see where you end up.
Most of the time it’s simply connection of mind to mind, some higher, some lower.
As for will, do you not sit and stand? These things depend on both internal and external influences, Will is a constant, influence or no influence, everything is a choice. A consistent expansion and contraction, a constant birthing.
This is also what you’ll find in the abyss and yes anyone can access the abyss or aforementioned void, how deep though is the question? Some rabbit holes you don’t come back from, I still consider myself Alice. :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Deep. How does one actually access the Abyss? From my reading someone needs to blindfold themselves while listening to static or enter a sensory deprivation tank and meditate somehow/astrally project and they appear in the void after. From there you can see the Emperor and Kings of the void and see everything that is visible in the physical world but not as physical objects.

Simply be willing

I really loved your question , I wondered about it too but You need to understand and realise first that everything we have created on this planet was essentially first created in the mind. All the work done by humans - both the wonderful things and the horrible things, first found expression in the mind, then became manifested in the outside world. A well established mind is referred to as a “wishing tree”. If you organise your mind to a certain level, it in turn organises your whole system; your body, emotions and energies get organised in that direction. If this happens, you are a wishing tree yourself, anything you wish will happen. The first and foremost thing is you must be clear what it is that you really want. If you do not know what you want, the question of creating it does not arise. If you look at what you really want, what every human being wants is to live joyfully and peacefully. In terms of relationship, he wants them all to be loving and affectionate. Or in other words, all that any human being is seeking for is pleasantness within himself, pleasantness around him. All that you need to do is commit yourself to creating it. If every morning, you start your day with this simple thought in your mind that, “Today wherever I go, I will create a peaceful, loving, and joyful world, even if you fall down a hundred times in the day, what does it matter? For a committed man, there is no such thing as failure. That which is the source of creation is functioning within you every moment of your life. The question is just that have you kept access to that dimension or not? Organising the four basic elements of your life and will give you that access. The whole science and technology that we refer to as occult is just about this, transforming yourself from being just a piece of creation to become creator. Right now, you are using a phone to type this out and are able to talk to any one in this world from just sitting at one place and this instrument happened because of a human mind wanting it to happen. A hundred years ago no one thought that this will be possible. But today, it is a common thing. Similarly, many things which are not in our perception yet can be brought into perception , and our ability to create our lives can be greatly enhanced.
Once your thought, emotion and energies are organised, your very body will get organised. Once all these four are organised in one direction, your ability to create and manifest what you want is phenomenal.
I want you to look at nature of your life right now. If you eat a banana, in four hours time, this banana becomes a human being. There is something within you, a life creating process, which builds this body. The manufacturer of this body is within. You give him banana he makes a human being out of that banana. Transforming a banana into a human being is not a small thing. It is a phenomenon, it is just that this phenomenon is happening within you unconsciously. If only you could consciously manifest this making a banana into a human being, you are the creator. You are nothing less than that.
If you organise these four dimensions of mind, emotion, body and energy in one direction, the source of creation is with you. You are the creator. What you want to create will happen effortlessly. Once you are organised like this, now you are not a mess. You have the power to create what you want.