Difference between human mind and spirit mind?

I have a question that I have been wanting to ask on this forum. How powerful is the intellect of a spirit? Here on this physical realm humans are bound by their brains. They are bound by their iq and brainpower. In the spirit body, brains are non-existent. So how powerful is the wisdom/intellect of an average spirit compared to the average human intelligence?

I’m not talking about knowledge. I know most spirits probably have more knowledge than humans. I’m talking purely about intelligence.


Spirits are omnipotent. Spirits are incorporate beings and are pure energy within all dimensional planes that have the power of creation and have the powers of the universe. Spirits are all knowing, there intellect has no limits and there intellect has no comparison to the limited intellect of a human being.


I have read on this forum that no spirit can do everything. If you’re saying that they are omnipotent then does that mean they have power to create entire new worlds and dimensions?

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Average spirit is pretty fucking stupid. Just like average animal IQ on the planet is pretty fucking stupid. The term spirit can embody depending on context every non incarnate astral being from lowly parasites and predators to simple elemental and conceptual spirits all the way up to gods. However the as is usually the case there is a far higher density of lower spirits in an area than higher ones if you were to take a giant ladle scoop of them per say.

Now the potential power and knowledge of a spirit is seemingly endless however spirits are all limited by their origin and so need powers and resources outside their domain too function in an expanded sense otherwise you could call on one spirit to do absolutely everything and no one would need more than one spirit for everything. They can in time however evolve based on many circumstances but they are still limited beings until they become fully realized at which point they become immortals however they still are limited by their skill and knowledge just like a human would be if he ascended to the level of an immortal which takes a long time and lots of gathered experience from many lives and explorations.


Contrary to popular opinion, spirits are neither omnipotent nor omniscient. They can and do give wrong information and fail in the tasks given to them, things that would be impossible if they were truly all-knowing and all-powerful.

Spirits are also limited in what they can do. Most cannot do even the simplest things, or give knowledge, outside of their particular office. However, they are very good at whatever their office is, which is why we call upon them.

In my opinion, the greatest power a spirit has is multi-dimensionality, meaning they are not bound by space and time, which is why you can bind a spirit to a ring, and at the same time another magician can evoke that very same spirit on the other side of the world.

We are the only beings with the potential for true omnipotence and omniscience for we carry the seed of the Eternal within us. From the singularity of the physical plane, we are truly unlimited, and can expand beyond even the most powerful of spirits (there are planes above where we can Soul Travel, but demons and angels cannot follow).


You have mixed up some concepts. Brains, intellect, intelligence and wisdom.

Or perhaps, you believe that humans are nothing more than flesh and blood and are spiritless.

Humans are only limited by their imagination.

So, @DarkestKnight, using your easily understood (at least for me) and precise definition, would you say that the Judaeo-Christian Yahweh/Jehovah is not truly omnipotent and omniscient? This is what is preached and enforced in just about every church all over the globe.

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Humans are spirits that exist in the form of flesh and blood bodies. Once the lifespan of the physical body is over, the spirit is gone. Just like when you cut the power supply off from a computer. The computer is off. No programs, OS, RAM memory, nothing.

Unlike a computer, you cannot “save or copy a soul” and transfer it to another body.

Can you explain on that ‘Immortal’ part a bit more? from both spirit and human perspective?

Basically a fully self realized being that is beyond the cycles of reincarnation beyond what it chooses to embrace. Similar to the concept of godhood but not limited to a single field. Look into concepts of spiritual immortals and in part ascended masters.

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Yes, I would agree that Yahweh is not truly omnipotent nor omniscient. I don’t see his pantheon as any different than, say, the Norse, or the Greek. You have the supreme god (Yahweh, Zeus, Odin, etc), you have his spouse, children and/or siblings (Jesus, Mary, Hera, Loki, Thor, the rest of the Greek gods, etc) his adversaries (the Titans, Satan, Lucifer, etc), his warriors and soldiers (Athena, Thor, the Warriors Three, the archangels and angels, etc).

Not a possibility…that we cease to exist the moment we take our last breath. The physical is only the densest expression of who we are. It is the garden or the field in which we observe the fruit and weeds of our labors.

Besides, you and I might have a different concept of spirit. The word most often translated from the Greek pneuma, the Hebrew ruach, the Hindi prana.

Once “the breath of life” is gone, you die a physical death. The spirit moves on into another realm. If you’re not breathing, you’re dead.

Most people make the mistake of assigning physical breath with the “breath of life.” But we, here, are NOT most people.

Rise above the crowd, my brother. See what only others wish they could see.

Death is impossible. But, the need for a new body is the destiny for all but a very few alive today.

Withdrawing our consciousness from the physical form upon our last breath we are still conscious. We still have the vivifying breath of life living us. We can’t escape the astral world where we also live now and after, shedding the temporary body of a single lifetime.

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