Difference between gods and demons?

As of recently, I feel I’ve been contacted by Dionysus and want to ease into working with him. After receiving this confirmation, I’m curious as to how other people work with gods differently than they work with demons?

Like, I understand there is a difference, but I’m not exactly sure what this difference is. What is different about their energies and what is different about working with them? What do gods offer that demons don’t and vise versa? I don’t mean it in a what can these two things do for me, but more as needing a general understanding between these two things.

Thanks so much in advance!

It’s actually a matter of systems, what is a god for someone is a demon for others, and what is a demon for someone is a god for others. As the religion of this forum works based on Abrahamic concepts, one finds here the taxonomy of Jewish origin mixed with modern Western culture which enebles the faitful to recognize gods from non-Abramahic systems as gods, because the cultures from which those gods come recognized them as gods and not as demons, which is not the case of demons of Jewish origin. This all happens despite the visible head of the company has called the demons “ancient gods” a couple times. According to me, a god is a god when someone recognizes him as such, such as when people recognize beautiful women as “goddesses”, it is a cultural thing that has nothing to do with real psychic abilities nor with fictional powers.

I:10 Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known.
I:11 These are fools that men adore; both their Gods & their men are fools.

Gods are a different race from demons, I think people just like to make them one and the same or make some really indepth mystical difference. Albeit demons are dark energy (element wise) beings while Gods aren’t limited to one element, as in Belenus is a God with solar energy, Thoth is a God with Lunar, Cernunnos with Cosmic, Tiamat with void, etc.

It depends on your point of view. From the christian perspective, any other gods that aren’t jehovah/allah are demons and if you communicate with them, it’s a sin ending with consequences. Even other spirits that aren’t holy are demons or demonic like fairies, trolls, leprauchans, elves etc.

The christian faith mainly follows the holy bible and in the scriptures, some names of the ancient gods were brought up and were labeled as demons and the ones that stood their ground against the tyrant were labeled as satan.

A lot of people’s definition of demon stems from that christian point of view. Similarly, it’s the same reason why so many like satan.

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