Difference between glass and crystal holding a charge?

Is there a big difference between glass and crystal holding a magickal charge?
I assume there is because all the New Age folks talk about crystals, they don’t talk about glass.

Anyway, this question was brought on by something I read or maybe I saw. This magickian was making sigils and storing them in a box until he forgot what they were for. He said that he had charged the box itself so it helped to charge the sigils. A kind of pre-charging, I guess.

I don’t know if that is a good idea or not, it sounded like a good one to me but, who knows. Would this work and would you want crystal box instead of wood or glass (like with jewelery boxes).

Would this work in general, I mean if we were doing something with a particular entity we could find out what wood corresponds and put the sigil in there (maybe even add some other correspondences too), but would it work just in general for any sigil you might want to make. Or could that send conflicting intentions into a all the different sigils stored in the box?

It’s common to leave an opened sigil out and only close and destroy it after the result is achieved and I guess that’s what he’s doing?
The energetic link has been made.

I he wanted to update change or reuse the sigil he’s need to remember what it was for to get the intention set accurately. I don’t see how recharging them with generic energy that is not guided by intention would help at all. But that’s the think with intention - he can make it work in his mind, so te energy will probably find a way. Would it be better to honor each sigil separately? I think so, but that’s me.

I don’t think it matters what wood you use. Most people write them on paper because it’s cheap and available.

Glass doesn’t have structure like crystals, so it can’t store psychic energy the same way. It’s also considered in new age circles that crystals are the higher beings of the mineral realm, and you can communicate with them as you would daemons. The deva of glass I would expect to be more like an overarching entity for all glass of a certain type, but I’ve not tried to reach it myself.

The upshot of a crystal then is a unique energy that is specific to the crystal. You wouldn’t want to risk a clash of the crystals energy with the sigils, so I’d avoid mixing them without forethought.