Diff. b/w subconscious mind and magick

Hey guys!!
I want to know what is the difference between subconscious mind and magick???


So far you have posted 11 topics in the last 10 months or so. Not one has been about an actual experience you have had.

I want to know what magick means to you. Is it flying like a time travelling angel manifesting your every desire instantly? That’s what your posts lead me to believe.

What have you actually done magickally and what path are you drawn to. I hate seeing people struggle, I just feel that you don’t take it seriously and it’s hindering your development.

There is also a strong internal battle that your going through and your the one and the only one who can push their way through this. How bad do you really want it?


I can understand why you annoyed.The problem is I don’t have anyone to guide me.I only get time to do magick when there is no one around me,I keep it secret.I have done only some wish spells,healing, height increasing and spells to make it rain or to make rain stop etc.Sometimes I stopped rain in 4-5 seconds.But I couldn’t do much more because I don’t have any guide.Even I can’t order books, problem my family (By the way,I am 17) I download some books which I get for free and YouTube,it confuses some time.This is the reason I question so much…


Please don’t misunderstand my attempt to understand you as being annoyed. I wanted to gauge where your at currently. What you just responded with, puts a lot into perspective for me and gives me a little insight. That being said, I would still like to know.

What magick means to you?

What videos are you drawn to on youtube.

What books do you like to download?

It’s good to question, question everything, but, you do need to start from one place and then only add stuff as needed or as your proficiency and interests expands. You’ll eventually find that everything is intertwined in magick anyways.

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Free ones, like The Church of Satan by Michael Aquino and
Liber Null & Psychonaut by Peter James Carroll.

P.s. Sorry, I thought you wanted me to answer your questions. One too many G&Ts.

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I think magick is a supreme power which we can use when we Believe in it and when we don’t believe in it then we create resistance towards magick.

YouTube Channels-E.A.Koetting,WhiteMagic,Eadig,Ella Harrison

Books-The inner Temple of witchcraft by Christopher penczep

Draconian Ritual Book by asenath Mason(recently downloaded the day before yesterday)

A practical guide to witchcraft and magick spells by Cassandra Eason

Buckland’s complete book of witchcraft by Raymond buckland

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Have you seen this one. At about the 15m mark I found it most interesting.

Have you looked into Demonolatry? I feel that may be something that is worth your time. If you like the framework of a magickal system and are drawn to working with Demons, check it out. S. Connolly and J.Thorp have a wide array of publications .



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Yeah…I watched

And thanks for these sources

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