Diference in baal/peor ,belphghor

Hi guys in my research of tis guy,spirt,i knw its unisex,but his name difference,is due to ? I cnt really find anything which explains,it, maybe due to cannan cultists,or Babylonian beliefes,i will appreciate thanks

Baal at Peor (or Baal-Peor) is a Canaanite deity the connection with Belphegor makes sense and if I were you I would just evoke one or the other and ask.

I so far see a blonde girl,beautiful body,the goety book picture him so ugly,its anoter foto from him, not sure in bathroom,not sure about evoke,i work whit him,few times,i will read evoke again,but if u have any tips,be great,im nit beggin,or being lazy,making sure ,

Belphegor is like an onion, theres alot of layers… that blonde woman is a puppet-hand linked to a massive grotesque demon shrouded in darkness. but that still is not Belphegor’s true name or form. the truth is he invented that name and form to contact christian influenced magicians in the ages after his original civilization fell. as someone who has worked personally with Belphegor i can say with certainty that this is a deific mask for the Egyptian god Anubis. next time you evoke him under the name Belphegor try and see through his many layers and reveal the truth. good luck.

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