Did your summon succeed during first time?

i’m just curious…

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Yes and no I don’t know if the spirit came or if my request was answered but I do know any ritual or summoning you attempt is not a fail as long as you take it seriously and complete it even if it might seem in vain if you complete it it’s a success in my books because it Atleast is a Starting point for a potential relationship with that spirit even if they don’t answer your first few times they hear and they will start to pay attention to you just like any relationship you can’t start it without reaching out


When I was first starting out I failed more than anything else, that’s the same for any one , we must fail at first to improve and succeed


Did my summons succeed the first time?


It didn’t succeed the 10th time either.


how did u know if u succeed? Cause i made a ritual the previous night

i should try summoning again depends on what u said.

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how u know if the ritual is successful one?

The spirit comes, but do you hear it? It always comes. Unless it doesn’t. But it’s always there when you call it. In some sense, it hears you

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i am afraid that what I summon might not be the succubus but other tricky spirit who wants to play a prank on me. I hear? No nothing as far as i know. But it’s just my imagination or maybe it’s real I am not sure. I feel like I’m constantly being watched by someone or something. @Maxwell

I’m not quite sure, but something I’d experience as of late is that if you believe negative spirits will come oh, they will. Be very careful with how you think about how spirits are

That there is true. Immediately you think parasites, imposters will come, they surely will.

Parasites, imposter spirits are attracted to low vibration ( negative thoughts ).

Changed your thoughts, and everything changes.

Ofc not. Took time to have a successful evocation. And even then I doubted it was successful.


I knew based on one of the common actions that spirit is known for (e.g. loud bang, thunderclap, knocking, trumpets, etc) upon arrival. There was a distinct knock on my jewelry box directly across from me. I couldn’t hear or see him (in the process of developing my clair abilities) but I could /feel?/ or better yet /knew?/ that he had arrived in a way? (If that makes any sense). The energy also seemed very calm, kind, and patient, which were common for that spirit. Nothing felt intense by any means and I was unsure on the down low as a whole tbh.