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that the concept of light (good v dark (evil) was first termed within Zoroastrianism - all else and every other usage of this concept in human history, stems from this Zoroastrian idea.


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The Ninth Seal of Absalom…all seasons must be complete for a time and a season and without such the world may remain a mystery to each.

I feel before the next chapter of study having got to about 6000 bc (the time of azura mazda giving Zoroaster the teachings) that to go any further back I must determine whether ANU WAS azura mazda or if not the potentiality of secondary intervention separate from the annunaki and by the metaphysically superior Azura Mazda, whom took jurisdiction in his words - I am the Supreme being. (not god) he was talking about his metaphysical position here on earth the new and superior being over and above ALL that had gone before. Jesus of course WAS without question of a Zoroastrian position.

Anu did at some stage during troubled times come to the earth to sort the shit out of the others and even offered to give up his heavenly abode and to remain here on earth to sort everything out even offering that enki or Enlil or whoever go back to Nibiru and rule there, whilst he did do. This is so loaded with info about anu and possibly even the state system that they had on Nibiru.

If ANU was indeed azura mazda then our history becomes much easy to plot. If not ahh well it becomes more complex, which I feel I could explain to some extent to anyone that might want some clarification. BUT essentially you cannot go back any further and with certainty about anything until this question can be answered. Perhaps this accounts for and with understanding - we would be able to separate the good and the bad absolutely and forever. This is how important this question is…! Spooky huh… for perhaps some more than others.

May I highlight that if there was no secondary intervention and ANU was/is Azura Mazda then the Annunaki Sumerian mythos is and contains the total history of humanity Lest other intervening beings can be determined). This is a tad sad in a way although Sitchen of course alludes to the initial arrival of the Annunaki being around 420,000 BC - the Annunaki the creators of humanity. Sad in that a solar systemic level organism is seemingly the progenitors of our consciousness etc. Not a very grand level in the greater grander scheme of things, metaphysically speaking that is. Although the similitude of the pyramids built by the annunaki emmulational of Sirius or whatever star system it is - could to me at least allude to the principal that they came from another solar system which would allude to them being at least a galaxian level organism, far more exciting and dynamic. This may even allude to the principal that nibiru was actually a space ship.
The return of Nibiru would be the return of the space ship. This makes sense in regards to the collection gold for their ‘atmosphere’ - it would be far more likely that a manufactured atmosphere within a ship rather than a planet ffs, could be controllable as such. Interesting to note is that having just experienced chapter 12 of the Revelation we are now entering the time of Chapter 13. The spirit of the dragon (which alludes to cosmic event) is upon us. Although some may suggest this time is the reason for the angra manu spirit of deception and lies, I would proffer its not quite as simple as that. The titans as the dragon is were wise yet capable of occlusion (NOT DECEPTION IMPORTANT POINT). So in understanding chapter 12 it is very possible to determine that the dragon is a space body of some description (ship - natural space body - or intelligently designed space body) A - that is occluded but B - that effects the cosmic laws - ie gravitational orbits laws of physics and against the flow (<–important) of the galaxian order - rotation perhaps ? Jesus’ space ship perhaps whom comes like a thief in the night BUT IS NOT A THIEF ie uses occlusion NOT deception. I leave this to you to determine. But the facts ARE the facts.