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It is said that Pazuzu corrupted Asmodeus who indeed was of the upper realm and lawful gods.
It was Asmodeus that devised the punishment of ‘…wicked mortals that defied the gods and attempted to pledge allegiance to the demons of the Abyss…’

Now and after banishment one of the seven princes of hell speciality is Lust and gambling.


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I want to hear what @Velenos has to say about it.


With all the stories I have read, Asmodeus is a offspring of demons so by default he was “corrupt”. I have never seen him depicted in the manner that you are mentioning. The closest he was to a god that I know of is his aspect as Aeshma who was a child of Ahriman and his consort.

I guess you could argue that in his mythos as a Shedim he was originally a Lamassu but even those were considered monsters despite having benevolent functions. Do you have academic resources on this? This is honestly the first time I have heard this.


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I did but the website doesn’t cite where they got the information from. This website isn’t accredited either which is why I am asking. Anyone can write anything on the internet which is why everything should be taken with a grain of salt unless they have academic sources to support what they are saying.