Did you ever realize the fact that Sytry is a party demon?

As far as I know Sytry… he’s a cool party animal.
He never gave me a woman but we had parties together. If Sytry celebrates with others and he’s invited he brings excess. He is the one who scorns the alcoholic poisened in the end.
It’s not unusual if Police has to visit at Sytry’s feasts.

Did you know this side of him?
His feasts can hurt and are hard but it’s fine.
I recommend his parties.



I wouldn’t call him a party ‘God’ because he had parties with you, I think that’s kind of a common thing with demons of lust/love. Because in most cases in such parties you can find lust being a sensation many involved feel. So while a demon of love/lust, partying kind of is somewhat of a domain.


I don’t know other entities to party with.
I only celebrated with Sytry.
Did you ever with another… @anon48079295?

I know some other people who called Sytry
only for party excess. Hard things happened.

You can party with literally any entity lol, partying isn’t a specific thing, sure some may like different things but partying isn’t limited to only a few beings lol.

did I ever what?

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Did you ever celebrate with another entity?
I can highly commend Sytry’s parties.
Very neptunic.

I’ve “partied” with different pantheons, some djinn, a few times with Lucifer but with him it was a bit more formal between him, myself, and some people of our past.

Sytry’s parties are for the most people full of drugs and girls… and maybe violence. I experienced more drugs than girls. With Sytry I got into fortune for some times who I would meet because I called him when I was bored. Then somebody was found quickly and celebration was started ^^

Idk why you spell his name like that it’s weird unique but weird any way I know him

Never have I ever partied with him or anyone not furfur I don’t want to know the war he would cause cause of me lol anyway
Sitri is by all means a very funny demon he likes to make jokes when he talks to me so he is pretty awesome

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Sometimes Sitri is unreliable.
A friend once sent him to me to help me.
In the night I awoke and Sitri asked:
“Would you give me some space?”
Then I saw no further results.

Yes, he is a funny but also violent demon.
Go and tell Sitri if you’re bored by your time
to invent a reason for a party ^^
The experiences are oftenly well entertaining.
People suffering by their consume and all the excess if Sitri has a good day ^^

I’ve never had an issue beside the fact I didn’t choose him over furfur but not a big issue there you know

You’re working with more Goetic Spirits than Sitri? I only worked with Seere & Sitri because
the others didn’t come to me.

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Yes I work with many of them