Did you come out of your demonic closet?

I told my close family members so far there’s been an exorcism and fear. Oh and also being told I would spend an eternity in hell.

now I live alone, but when I still lived with my mother
constant questions, why do I need so many herbs ?, what are the black candles for?
on the table I had a doll with hair, etc…
and my mother entered my room and asked me is this a voodoo doll ?
and I’m "not, this is not a voodoo doll "
after looking at me strangely and silently, she went to the kitchen :joy:
or she asked her if we had eggs
I wanted to cook them for food…
and she immediately why? you need it for a spell
or when you know what he wants to say before he says it and they wonder how you could know that

it also happened to me that my mother experienced something scary at night, that her door opened by itself and she saw some black shadows that wanted to put her in a sack
She didn’t talk to me for 4 months because she thought I was the one who caused it

I usually keep silent about it, but It’s no big secret. I’ll talk about it, but only if people ask (for instance about a pendant or shirt or sweater with a symbol on it).

My mom knows I took up a pretty intense meditation habit, she also knows I’ve always been drawn to the more darker sides of spirituality. We have some very valuable talks about esoterism and the likes, but I don’t tell her I deliberately invoke demons, chaos and death upon myself and the occasional a-hole.

Out of my 2 best mates, my atheist metalhead mate kinda knows I have a (dark) spiritual practice and is somewhat interested in the Jungian views on it sometimes, but he thinks most of it is make-belief larping anyway. I have no intention to convince him otherwise ^^. We have tons of other interests we share.

My other (more secular) mate who’s only spiritual practice is an occasional yoga class however… I told her a while ago I got into witchy stuff and let it at that for a while. I was inspired (or pushed) recently to submit her to a complete infodump about my practice. She is not into horror or scary things at all, but wasn’t immediately freaked out. Instead he found it extremely interesting, we’ve talked for hours since about my spiritual philosophy and how I use demons, demonic archetypes, chaotic energy, necromancy and black magick for spiritual growth and evolution. She even remembers the spirits I work with (including the somewhat obscure ones), has questions and suggestions on how she can incorporate some things in a more mundane way in her daily interactions with people and even has some very valuable, practical input that makes me rethink some principles and techniques. Overall completely opening up to her has been such a beautiful experience.

My 5 direct colleagues is the funniest part.
They’ve asked about a pendant once that slipped outside my clothing accidently and the Lucifer sigil on a hoodie I wear from time to time. I think they regret asking a little. None of them are religious or heavily spiritually inclined, but the mere mention of demons does scare the shit out of 'm. Even after I told them, they aren’t quite the same thing if you’re not a christian. 2 of them don’t really care either way. 2 of them seem a little fearful when someone asks about a sigilic doodle I left laying around.
1 of the fearful ones brings it up regularly, but has never really showed any real interest and asked what I do. Instead he usually kind of tells me what I do. I seem to be pricking voodoo dolls to make people sick every day, have secret naked witch dances with slutty women in the forest every weekend, summon the devil whenever I doodle while on the phone and apparently I sell my soul left and right to the highest bidder. I make no effort to set him straight or convince him otherwise.
1 of them makes funny jokes about it from time to time, shares silly anti-christian memes on Slack and made me Blair Witch stick figures to decorate my work space.
It’s a constant bit of entertainment for me and they value what I bring to the team in terms of work input and in terms of social interaction, regardless of what I do in my own time. So it’s no big deal that the demon’s out of the closet at work.

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If I bring up my extensive knowledge of astrology and tarot at work then I’ll make some friends for sure.