Did you come out of your demonic closet?

How many of you people talk openly about your occult interests to other people? (non LHP people I mean). Yes, I know it sounds contradictory, but Im curious anyway.

For those who did it, what kind of responses did you get?


Uh no, and don’t plan to.


I agree with this, most of time it backfires. Sometimes even your fellow magicians can’t understand you how about a random person.

But you may give a try and see how it works!!


I’ve actually tried this, and honestly I don’t recommend it, my roommates think I’m Lord Voldemort, and my classmates also look at me like I’m off limits hahahaha…

But I don’t really think it matters, where I live is more diverse so I get to be more open but that again varies because in some countries you can still go to jail or be executed.

Overall I don’t recommend it, most humans are still in the 1D animal consciousness, that’s why I believe it’s best to have platforms like these, but like you said even a fellow magician may not sync with you either, I feel like when you’re a magician that’s naturally more in touch with reality, your system requires you to have less casual connections and more soul connections. In general though in this era, I wouldn’t bother with random people, but feel it out before you attempt it.


More than I should. I’m trying to keep silent and find ways to connect to normal people. Provided they’re not assholes.


Not intentionally, but people who come to my house can’t miss some things even though I’m lowkey :slight_smile:

What are the horseshoes for? What’s this (painted skull idol)? Why is there a Halloween skeleton on this door when it’s February? … they subliminally feel the energy from these magickal objects and it draws them sometimes. Sometimes it scares them (needlessly).

The best I’ve gotten is a bemused tolerance with an undercurrent of suspicion. I find it ideal to have an elevator response that answers the basic questions in a non threatening way, and they don’t tend to ask more and I don’t volunteer anything else. For some people I just wave it off “oh, I’m a bit goth haha”.

If they ask and are genuinely curious, that’s a whole other conversation, but if they don’t ask, don’t tell.

“Dare to know, and to be silent.”


peoples freak out very easy here,if you dont a christian.
Once i tried to talk with my best friend,about spirits,and his opinion and laugh crazy,because he dont believe they exist and i stop it.

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I treat my spiritual life like I do my sex life. Only those who are actually involved in it need to know anything about it.

I’m an intensely private person, and have no need to talk about what I do with random people, or even with family. I don’t hide it, but i also don’t yell it from the rooftops. If someone asks about my inverted pentagram pendant, or my Belial t-shirt, I’ll tell them what they symbolize, which sometimes will start a conversation, however, I don’t blatantly advertise that I “traffic with spirits” because I don’t feel any desire to.

I’m lucky enough to live in a place where talking about demons wouldn’t be a big deal, but I just don’t see the need. I don’t talk about who I’m sleeping with, and I don’t talk about my imaginary friends.


I wish I had someone to talk to about these things with… I cannot talk about this path to anyone lest risking everyone running in the other direction. I’ll propose it again, I am looking for friends in this community. All that is required is a pleasant disposition. Male or Females welcome to apply. I live in Canada. Open to online or IRL interactions.

I got screwed hard for it, told my mom thinking it was probably better if she knew but unfortunately she didnt understand and told everyone about it asking for help and advice for the matter. I had to wait for a few months or so to tell everyone “it was just a phase.” What especially sucks was my therapists got the word so I felt like they viewed me as a psycho.

Only 2 people were okay with it one was a school therapist who said to me how she understood that everyone is different and not to shame them about it, she was the only person I talk to about this because she just understood and held no ill judgments, she enjoyed talking about it too she says im one of the most interesting and fun patient to talk too and taught her a lot philosophically. Second was one of my close friend which though I was crazy but didn’t care, I had to lie and tell him thought it wad just a phase because it was starting to get a little complicated, but he still asks about it to this day the things I experience and laughs at how schizo I sound but he would say how that phase was always cool to him and intersting to listen too.

Now I learned its better to keep it a secret, it because it causes less drama and its impossible to tell how this person would react to it.

I talk to no one about it only because it’s unnecessary in my journey. It’s not worth trying to explain my beliefs to someone closed minded or not interested in hearing anything beyond where their journey is leading them. I mean, if I know someone is on the same page then I would have no problem chatting.

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I haven’t and I am not going to. Only my best friend knows about it

If you are interested in coming out of the demonic closet, Astaroth may be the best spirit to help you. She is very closely associated with the goddess Inanna and Astarte.

Bad idea. I told my friend about a summoning I once tried and they basically said how can you believe in something like this you are so scientific and logically minded. I then subsequently tried to explain that science and magic could co-exist but they then started calling me crazy. It was an unpleasant experience and one I shall not be repeating.

Therefore unless you are part of a like minded coven I would not recommend revealing your practice. There is a reason why it’s called the occult.

My husband knows, his girlfriend kind of knows, and one other friend of mine knows. Both my husband’s girlfriend and my friend are the kind of people who I knew would understand and not judge. However, they don’t know any details. My husband knows the details. Granted, he has known that my interests go this way for years, so it wasn’t a shock to him. I have no plans to tell anyone else. Amusingly, in my circles, the issue is more that I do magic rather than that my beliefs are evil. My friends are mostly atheists or otherwise not religious, so admitting that I believe in things that aren’t tangible is what I’m shy about. Probably, most of my friends would be fine with it. My family wouldn’t be, but they would also be uncomfortable finding out that my husband has a girlfriend. * shrug *

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No, I haven’t. But I make subtle comments about it, when people talk about god, religion and things like that , I just say " I am a worshiper of the lord of darkness , so I smile". :grin:

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For me it didn’t turn out the best as both my Mom and sister have taken to calling me the “Evil Witch”, I’ve had partners who weren’t accepting of my faith or path. (At the time I was a Hellenic Pagan + was starting to dabble in Demons) In the process of that relationship, he told me that my alter had to be hid in a closet because he was ashamed of my practice.

My Mom always knew my interest in magic as I had started on my path at 13, and even before than would tell me that I’m “Inviting evil into the house”. And, though I never told her about the Demon workings, she could feel that I was working with darker things + made no efforts to hide her disapproval of my practice…even threatening me over it.

On another hand my other sister has always been open and accepting of my path, and I’ve even been introducing her to some concepts + even gifted her, her very own Tarot Deck. (She was so stoked to use it and has been having better luck with it than I had. There’s a belief that one shouldn’t buy their own decks, but instead for a deck that you truly connect with it must be gifted to you. This is the case for all my decks, but 1.)

Admittedly, I’ve also had issues with people who were a lil too accepting, and by that it was someone who thought that I’d spoon feed them knowledge (some of which has taken me a great many years to understand), on top of that I have a suspicion that this person wanted my power. This suspicion is backed by the things that they would talk with me about, sometimes the most nefarious things are said in the most inconspicuous of ways, they would go on about how the wanted to design my Grimoire to their tastes. (Everything from the color of the leather, to the metal, even the locking system too)
To far darker things like wanting my skin, which stemmed from a conversation of me wanting to tatt up my left arm with occult symbols/sigils/seals and to have it be used to make my book a cursed relic. (I’m always joking about making cursed objects, and my desire to have a collection of these things.)

Be careful who you reveal your truth to, the danger doesn’t just come in when people don’t accept you but when you encounter those who want to operate on Hell’s Rules. By that I mean how only strong who can maintain what they have, get to keep it.

This can also be backed by the Hermetic Philosophy of The Kybalion - to “Cast not pearls, before swine.”

Nope and I am not gonna. I had a past life regression and it didn’t work well back then and I have the feeling that it wont go well in this life too

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