Did the gods expand human population

When research on the gollum and other creatures made from clay in mythology I believe that perhaps some ancient humans were actually created by deities, but I also believe in human evolution.

If both are true then does that different pantheons didn’t really make the first humans, but humans more to their liking?

Or were they just not aware that there were already humans in the world?

The “gods” did not create humans. Humans created the gods.

Without humans, the gods are impotent and powerless. Don’t confuse mythology for reality.


There are no gods, only spirits. Gods are mythological masks of the spirits.


I have a theory that what makes a spirit different from a god is the same difference between regular people and celebrities/royalty; attention and recognition.

Our worship creates a sympathetic link to them, which gives them power over the environment around us. So, more followers means more power. Just like how the attention we give celebrities, and the money we spend on them, feeds them no differently. Without all of that, celebrities will be nobodies and gods will be your average spirit.

This is at least my opinion.

Okay I like that theory but can anyone actually answer one of my questions

Humans were a slave race artificially evolved with accelerated evolution by the species that humanity now refers to as Atlantians and believe to a race of humanity of which they are not. Human civilizations have risen under their rule and been destroyed countless times and the time and space of this level of reality reset numerous times for them to produce the species they wanted before they ended up destroying themselves in unrelated matters.