Did the Buddhist sense something?

Today was a beautiful warm summer day. Perfect to bury my poppets. I found a spot in my yard, dug a nice deep hole, placed them a box, bound the box, carefully place the box inside the hole and filled it with soil. I turned around and didn’t look back.

My house backs onto a Buddhist temple, they are a friendly group and we often hear them chanting and see them lighting candles.

Today was different. Today I saw one walking around slowly, but like she hard purpose, looking for something. She stopped two or three times looking at the trees, the grass and earth before she arrived within 1 metre of where I buried the poppets (other side of the fence). After standing close for 2-3 minutes she moved on slowly, still searching for something.

I’m not sure if I’m reading into this way too much but do you think she felt the energy?


Possibly but it could also be a coincidence since she didn’t dig them up.


I didn’t explain it well (lacking sleep). There’s a fence that separates the two properties. She was on the other side of the fence, but stopped exactly inline with where they were buried.


Yeah then she likely sensed the Energy. Buddhists I believe, can sense energies well.


I agree with that. I say yes…she did.