Did someone use ouija board by him/herself alone and worked?

I have been told that if it is used by only one person might not work and in the most cases are working when it is used by 2 persons.Did it work for some of you when you used this alone?

Firs understand that the ouija board is a useless object just like the pen is to automatic writing. It is not the board that does the work. It is your arms possessed if I can call it that (matter of opinion). So yes one person can work a board as one person can be objected to move by initiation. There’s a lot more finer detail to this but the answer is yes.

Thanks for the answer !

But the Ouija board works similar to a pendulum. It’s very easy to manipulate the device into saying what you want it to say. I can make a pendulum swing whatever way I want it to swing to manipulate someone into doing or not doing something. I have had people wanting to do something that I did not want them to do because it would have interferred with my life plans so they asked me to do a pendulum reading for them to see if it was the right choice. I didn’t even give the pendulum a chance to choose the appropriate answer, I focused my energy into it and made it swing to no on purpose, and made them think something really bad was going to happen to them if they did it anyway.

With a pendulum, I convinced one of my friends to leave her boyfriend by telling her he was an angel of the lord (LOL, yeah she had some conflicting views) using a human body to walk the earth because the lord was trying to lead her away from the left hand path and that by possessing her boyfriend it would be easier for him to convince her to return to church because she loved her boyfriend and would no doubt listen to him. Selfish, I know, but me and her had some really powerful workings going on and I did not want to continue them alone because she was having mixed feelings about magick, because I started the working with her so it was tailored to the two of us. I didn’t want to have to rework everything on my own. So you could say I was trying to lead her deeper down the path of darkness and her childhood memories of church were still fresh and were distorting her views. I did not want to lose a powerful magickal partner to some fake judeo god.

But it helps to use the board with two people to know if the planchette is moving thru a spirit or if it’s you doing it. Also, when using the board with multiple people, allow yourself to feel the movements. It’s easy to tell if someone in your group is trying to manipulate the answers, you will feel the planchette almost always starting to jerk towards the direction their hand is moving in as if he or she is trying to control it. But yeah, it’s just a tool.

I know it is just a tool.I didn,t use pendulum up to now, but i used the bible and the key years ago and it worked. And beleive me I haven,t received the answer that I wanted or expect!This time I will not ask question with yes or no replyes.