Did someone leave me a gift?

Im posting this in general due to how utterly mundane it is. The events im going to describe happened in a very short time frame, maybe 5 minutes in total.

Recently ive been making offerings to Lilith at an altar. If i complete today it will be for 3 days in a row, making an offering and maybe saying a prayer or something once when i get up and once before bed. I am new to working with Lilith, making offerings, and using altars, so not to say that im out of my comfort zone but I dont really know what im doing.

I woke suddenly from a dream where i was desperately trying to prove to someone (for some reason) that I knew the layout of a house that in the dream my ex lived in and my love interest who introduced me to Lilith lived in also. Glancing at the time i knew i had to get up because it was almost noon and i wanted to make an offering before it passed 12. I pour out some wine onto a sorta-sigilized version of her name that I created and talked with her briefly. This was a one way conversation, just opening up about things I felt she could/wanted to help me with. Then i get up and go to do something different.

This is where it gets slightly weird. I turn to my bed, and laying beneath a gap in my two pillows (who lay next to eachother) is a goldfish cracker. Now arguably there is nothing weird about a goldfish cracker. In fact I had just had some flavor blasted x-tra cheddar goldfish two days ago. I figured somehow that one lone goldfish had managed to sneak away from the others and find safety in my bed. It does strike me as odd however that it hadnt been crushed, or that I hadnt noticed it because i keep a pretty clean bed and move my blankets and pillows all over the place. None the less I pop it in my mouth.

It was not x-tra cheddar. It was a regular goldfish. Now this kinda blows me away, i haven’t had regular goldfish in my room in over a month and have done deep cleaning in that time making it impossible to not notice.

Tbh im just really baffled where that came from. I had literally just got out of bed minutes before to go to the altar and its just sitting out in the open when I came back. Im running with the idea Lilith gifted me with that for the time being.


Maybe it’s a familiar :upside_down_face::thinking:

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Huh maybe. I dont really know how to work with them yet. Do people naturally have multiple? I remember a lightworker friend of mine telling me you naturally have one but you can attain more through practice and work.

I bring this up because ive also had a very strange problem of bats appearing in my room despite having no open doors or windows. In fact i was gone from my house for a week and the second i get home and open the door to my room a bat literally flies at my head. I was entertaining the idea of that as a familiar.

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In my experience, they do poltergeist activity in many situations that can result in good and bad things. I would recognize this as a good thing, a form of acknowledgement. It’s more polite than slamming your door shut. Funny that it happens to be through a cracker. Lol.

They know i love my goldfish. It was a little stale but lets be real im using like $2 wine and mine and Liliths energy are not exactly compatible so im just happy im seeing any results.

The more you put into the practice, the more you get out. Try better quality things, they’ll show you they appreciate it. I give them things I indulge in and more, in fact I share much of my experience with them. It’s only been beneficial.