Did someone here try to get his soul out of his body?

is there any method to do this?

That’s under the concept that the soul is actually in the body. However, some like to think astral projection, etheric projection, etc is the soul leaving it’s body, albeit that’s not the case so the term soul travel is highly inaccurate

However, what exactly are you trying to achieve?

I wanna leave my current body forever and continue to live in this world in another adult body

Whose body are you going to try to take? Are you powerful and skilled enough to remove the spirit currently inhabiting it?

You can will yourself to die, but taking another currently occupied body is going to pit your spirit against someone else’s, and there is absolutely no guarantee you’re going to win. This is something sorcerers train for many, many years to be able to accomplish at death so I don’t see it happening for you.

As Peter Carroll writes about the black rite in Liber Null & Psychonaut: “This consists of the forceful entry of a spirit into an already inhabited body. It is both dangerous and unreliable and used only in certain peculiar and desperate situations. It will sometimes result in there being a double life force in one body, if the invading force fails to displace the occupant. In this case, it will seem as if the victim has gone mad. In any case, the memory of the taken-over being remains, and the invading being will have to work through this…”

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Someone didn’t try, they asked, and many explained how it doesn’t work that way I suppose. I do think soul extractions could be a possibility. Some also tend to the fact that spirit and soul are not synonymous with each other. The spirit can’t be trapped, but the soul can. This could be a good thread start, interesting concept.

Spirit and soul are synonymous with each other though, the idea outside of that is purely personal choice to ignore it. Spirits can be trapped, there’s a handful of myths of spirits being trapped in objects.