Did Sallos desert me?

So a few weeks have passed and I seemed to be hitting it off and conversing regularly with the Grand Duke Sallos. He agreed to help me with a situation. All seems to be going well, but have felt his presence, nor has he been in touch for awhile. In fact he seems to have gone silent. Any suggestions what’s up?

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Patience and keep growing in different aspects of your life. Did you make any pacts or anything?

Yes a pact was made which I continue to honor daily.

Is there something he told you he wanted you to do, that he is waiting for you to do ?
( only answer if he wants you to. )

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And he is a teacher of patience for you shouldn’t rush him, I promise he is legit :sunglasses:

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I did what he asked of me.

I agree patience is something I’m learning

I am there to friend, listing for results is what I’ve had issues with but all in all time will do wonders and Sallos is the guy to get the job done!

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This is reassuring to me. I felt the sensation of “ritual success” after my first petition with him but my result appeared to manifest with someone else and my target. An enormous blockage was lifted for her so this could just be a nessecary step along the way. I’m still working on myself and building the mentality I desire for that stage of life I want.

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Keep working toward your goal my friend. Sallos will be there for you as you need him.

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I’ve learned he’s a subtle one. He has my full faith however. I’m keeping my part in it up, I’m down 30lbs, getting crazy strong ion the gym, building my business and living the most interesting life I can while keeping my hunger for her at bay.


My friend you said what I was gonna say in every aspect :joy: