Did possession of Belial cure E.A.'s addiction to Meth?

Since Belial is without Master, I have felt that he also helps with anything that keeps us shackled, or imprisoned to things which prevent our Ascent.

Imagine curing addictions thru possession. We could save so many lives. But the actual practice of initiating this upon those that are afflicted with the addictions is what I would like to major in.

What Rituals would be neccessary for causing another to be possessed by Belial?

As far as I recall it was Azazel but he did get rid of my fear of demons :grin:

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I read somewhere that after taking a dip in the Lake of Fire, a most excruciating experience, that everything is burned away and when you imerge that you have become a new person without all the attachments that would otherwise hold you back.

I would be interested in visiting the Lake of Fire,
but exactly how would I do this?
Astral Projection/Soul Travel?


The issues are still there, and seeking anyone outside of yourself to fix it is a mistake. To sit down with your own bullshit and talk to your own soul (spirits) is the hardest thing. I should know, been peeling back my own layers for almost 20 years and still working hard on it.

Its not sexy, quick or painless. Its thankless, soul crushing action that no one desires to do and other then you, no one gives a fuck about.

Long night of the soul never ends.


I beg to differ, addictions leave more imprints or residues in the neural structures and if with some supernatural aid you can rewire the brain circuitry then it is worth. Paramahansa Yogananda apparently rewired brain circuitry of his students to help them with their spiritual path. This is the grace of a master in eastern parlance.

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You’ll need the mark of damnation from Azazel. Summon him and talk to him about this. Once you have that, you’ll call the four Gatekeepers by activating their Sigils, and chanting their enns. You’ll meet them at the Crossroads and then they’ll do the rest.

All it does is destroys your false self, allowing your true self to emerge from the lake of fire. Your true self is essentially the best version of you, who is of course, without attachments, and other BS.

I did something different-it was weird, I was in a cacoon or a lotus flower and floating down the river styx