Did not break paper seal

hi.so i try a goetya ritual today.its say break seal on pieces.and tfow away.well i use2 trow away seals of baneful magik.its amon a goetic his rule.cause hate.animosity.again he is send.the person.i did not break seal.its my first goety.will it reverse to me? or i b ok? i just trow away in dumpsrer.tanks.

Thrown in a dumpster? lol. Don’t do that. It can be considered highly disrespectful. I used to work A LOT with Goetia, and i used to dispose of sigils by dissolving them in water. I used to do this using a sink, and the Goetic beings had no problem with that. But throwing it into a dumpster? not a good move.

Whether Amon will get angry or not depends on his nature. I know nothing of this being, and i have never conjured him. Perhaps if you did it without bad intentions, then hopefully he will understand you did so out of innocence.

tanks" man.i cant read good enghlis but book say.break in pieces trow away.i get ya point.i was so dumpster diving 3 hors in 80 degres.i did find. break seal
i feel better.now.tanks 4 advice.

Burn it as an offering to the spirit, nothing wrong with it.

Disposing at a crossroads seems to always be a safe bet.

good points.tanks.so much.

With paper sigils I always burn them while thanking the spirit (whether it helped me or not) and scatter the ashes onto the earth while saying something like “I cast you back onto the earth to spread your power and dominion”.
I say it like that because of the whole theory of the fall whether it’s true or not saying the fallen ones are “doomed” (lol) to walk the earth until judgment.Only I tell them to spread the power or something similar to that.