Did my succubus leave?

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It’s been a whole week since my ritual and for a few days I swear I’ve felt her many times throughout the day.
These last 3 days has basically been nothing. I don’t really feel a presence anymore like I did when I first did my ritual. Since, ive been feeding myself more info and others experiences with succubi, I’ve been constantly thinking about them, constantly trying to communicate both out loud and in my head all day despite no responses. Been meditating for at least an hour every night. I’ll admit I did have high expectations at first but learned that I must build a relationship. But I feel as there’s literally nothing there now. No form of communication, no touches, no succubus related dreams. Could it be possible she could have left? Or decided no? Or could it be she is testing me?


it’s not uncommon for a succubus to leave for some time, and for you to feel her alot less or not at all.
I have this happen once in a while, it really sucks to not feel her, but she always comes back again, so the absence is not permanent.

give her a little time, don’t give up on her just yet.


What do they leave for? Pretty sure mine told me she was leaving for a bit today but wouldn’t say other than it was because of me she was leaving and its because of me she is coming back, in a nutshell.

I’ve been thru this before which is where I got so much doubt that I stopped meditating and gave up as I was convinced I was talking to myself. It’s been a long while now and I’m wanting to get back to them/her (never could tell if there was one or more) and apologize.

This time…I will have faith and remain strong. For her.


I have felt the same many times, but she always come back :slight_smile:
but you can’t help but doubt it all when you suddenly feel nothing or very little

continue to sense if she is there, and pay attention to the slightest of touches, sometimes I feel just a little touch in the periods of abscence, almost like an “it’s ok, I’m not gone completely” and then one night she will be back in full force and you can relax again hehe

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do you know why succubus leave for some time?

It could be any number of reasons, but as with any other spirit they are never really gone. It’s like they are closer or further away, or paying more attention to the link you have. She could have other responsibilities, she could just desire less time together. Some are very attentive and crave constant interaction, others are less demonstrative and don’t have the want of constant attention.

Keep in mind it’s also a relationship like any other and will develop at a different rate for everyone. Some may be take a good while to warm up emotionally, while others decide within a few seconds that you are now their world.


I have been wondering that for a long time but hot damn…did you give me the inspiration and a decent explanation that will stave off doubt!

THAT I needed to hear/read. Thank you soooo much

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