Did my relative come visit me as a moth and I f*cked up

Bear with me lol…

So I was in the porch a few nights ago and saw a large moth. It was brown and underneath orange almost like a butterfly. When I turned to renter the apartment it flew in. I didn’t see it for a day but then after it entered the living room and stayed on the wall across from me. I was fascinated but a little nervous I asked my partner to get rid of it and thought he was going to just take it and let it free but he threw a shoe at it. It wasn’t smashed but dazed and passed away. :frowning:
I felt uneasy so I looked it up and saw that in several cultures a brown moth entering your house is considered a relative. In a few days it will the the one year anniversary of my moms death and I read that often the moths show up a year after the relative passed on.

I felt so bad that I picked up the moths body crying and spoke to it apologizing. I said I’m so sorry that I didn’t mean for him to kill you, and that I didn’t fully know. I asked for forgiveness and placed it’s little body on the windowsill.

Am I insane? Lol

But for real tho… anyone else had an experience like this? I asked my ancestors to forgive me if it was my guide or mother and again apologized profusely .

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If this is true, I’ve killed a lot of family :sweat_smile::grimacing:

But I digress, if you’re really worried about, you can try some necromancy work and get in touch with your ancestors and ask them if you’ve hurt any of them/if you’ve offended them. But honestly, I wouldn’t worry about this too much. If this were true, we’d all be fucked by our ancestors, right?

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:point_up_2: This.
If it’s an ancestor, I imagine they’d let you know, and if you’re unsure just ask her.

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In some parts of India, rats are considered ancestors and people will actually put food out and make sure they’re ok. But over here, most people (can’t speak for everyone) wouldn’t even consider not killing a rat because they’re gross and carry diseases.

It’s just a belief system hun (imo) so if you think that moth was your family member then you go and apologize to your dead family all you want. But that belief was probably from an old civilization, most likely used to explain the dead and acestors / moths. Now I’m not saying it’s right or wrong but it seems similar to the old Greek mythology stories we heard as a kid. Most people think it’s just a myth (we know better) and to them there’s always a lesson or moral that you learn from it. Take everything with a grain of salt.

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THank you. I know I was mad at myself because I’m always asking my spirits/ancestors for signs and I didn’t want them to be like “ we came to visit and you smashed the shit out of us” lol


:blush: no worries! You had me worried for s second there aha

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