Did my first evocation of Sallos today. Opinions on sigil?

Hello all again! I did a trace drawing of a sigil I made for sallos(I posted a picture) I’ll amdit I was a bit sloppy with it, my first ritual. My mind did wander a bit and I had to stop in between lookin at the sigil.

I said my petition 3 times, and the funniest thing happened. The paper burned slow lol. I had to keep lighting it. Maybe cause I kept dropping it. Granted I had thrown it in the tube, but the tub was dry. The candle moved sometimes but I wasn’t sure if that was due to me talking or not.

Either way, I believe Sallos heard my request and know my intentions are good. I will go on about my day with my sigil still under my pillow. Here’s a look at it if you want to see if there’s any energy behind it

I will sleep with this under my pillow. No Feelings yet but I’m gonna be confident in what I done as a rookie and will continue to improve going forward. I think the hardest process is letting go.

In case you are wondering, I’m calling on sallos to help me return an ex girlfriend

Stop asking other people’s opinions on your drawing. If you did it as best as you could it is good. If you did a sloppy job and know this than it is not good. You are only giving doubt and insecurities more energy by asking this.
If you have a good feeling about the ritual, stick with that feeling. If in a couple of weeks, days, hours, seconds (…) you haven’t gotten a sign then repeat the ritual.

I hate drawings that I do by hand and that’s why I make most Seals on the computer.

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You are right. I WILL be seeing results and Feel good. I also don’t have the consistent urge to look at her social media like I usually do

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