Did my evocation of Lucifer work?

I started getting bombarded with near constant geometric shapes again whenever I close my eyes or stare at the sky about a week ago. It took around a day to realize I was seeing pieces of Lucifer’s sigil (two pointed-down triangles, an X, lower case letter v, etc).

I thoroughly cleaned the area I evoked him in, used blood on his sigil, burned frankincense, etc. but I’m struggling discerning what’s really from him and what’s fantasy. I asked for help with my astral senses, but they definitely need work at this point.

I’m still ‘seeing’ Lucifer’s sigil (complete instead of in pieces now) and I’m not sure why. It kind of makes me nauseous if I focus on it too long. Any advice on why I’m still seeing his sigil constantly without trying to scry or any insight into whether my evocation worked?

I took this photo near the end and while I think I can sense something, the logical part of my brain is telling me I’m imagining it.

Usually when I see the sigils or do any evocation I do a banishing first to take away any unwanted entities that way I can then confirm if it’s indeed the one I called upon.

Maybe try a banishing to be safe. If it’s truly him then he will still come through. In my experience that’s what’s happened. I know some others here do the same.

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I also agree that banishing should be done before summoning rituals and sometimes after as well.

Other than that, I do believe that it worked. Besides, spirits like Lucifer always come when summoned.

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