Did my Duke Sallos evocation work?

So I did the ritual and don’t know how it went, it feels like a maybe Duke Sallos showed up and heard me, but I don’t know for sure. I used his sigil and and put some of my blood on it, lit a sandalwood incense. I then chanted his name 3 time and then said

In the Names of El, Elohim, Adonai, Ehyeh asher Ehyeh,

And by the power of LAW-VUH-ELL,

I call on thee, mighty Duke Sallos.

I found that on one of the post on this form and started chanting his enn. I think I might of felt something when I was chanting but couldn’t tell. After a little while of chanting the enn I read out my petition then burnt the petition and my sigil. Do you guys think he heard me?

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Ok guys so I have an update on this.

When I burnt the petition and the sigil I kind of made a lot of smoke in the kitchen of my apartment and so I opened up the window and lit some incense in the kitchen. I left wrote to write out this post and when I returned to see how aired out the kitchen was the incense was moved from one side of the counter to the opposite side which made me blurt out loud “What.The.Fuck?!?!?!?” I’m 80% sure I left it where I though I did and not where I ended up finding it when I returned. What do you guys think?

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Usually spirits come when they are called, if this was your first evocation and you already asked him for something you are off to a bad start.

Try to form a bond between you and a spirit before asking for favors.

I have never read or heard anywhere that you can’t ask for things in the first evocation, May I ask why you said that?

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Did you read the title or what OP and I said at all?

I think that question was directed toward you.

Also personaly I have not read or heard that asking for something at the start was a bad thing. Most from what I understand is they will want to start working with you in return.

So please clarify your statement.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why would a demon/spirit want to work with you?

If you don’t have something special to give them in exchange for their powers why would they have interests in you?

It’s like walking up to a person and enslave it. Think logically.

Demons work with us because it gives them a chance to express their power in the world in a way they otherwise cannot.

You do not have to give them anything for their help. My experience proves this.


DarkestKnight, do you think my petition will work?

You can only wait and see.

In my opinion, you should put it out of your mind and assume it will.


Demons can express power in a realm way more interesting than ours. There is absolutely no reason for a demon to enslave itself for a simple mortal in my opinion.

So should I try again?


It is understandable that you’re all hyped up, but just chill out, do something physical, and let him work.


Is it ok to try another demon as well or is that a bad idea?

You are welcome to your opinion. However, my experience and that of others here shows it to be wrong. We are many things, but we are not “simple mortals.”

You are a beginner, and have only been practicing for a few months. Eventually you will learn that spirits are not superior to us in any way.


Working with multiple demons is unnecessary right now, and requires some skill.

Let him work and don’t think about it. You got a powerful spirit helping you, what are you hyping yourself out for?


You need to give your magick time to work. You can’t keep jumping to another spirit just because you have doubts. Another spirit isn’t going to help those.


Its not enslavement when just calling on them. If they used a more Solomon approach id agree but not just with a sigil.

Spirits, including Azazel and Belial, have said this world is far more “interesting” we have the ability to become Gods here. They are very interested in sharing energy with us.


Thanks for your help everyone