Did King Paimon drank the whisky?

Hey everyone. I decided to contact King Paimon last saturday and something very weird (and amazing) happened. I offered King Paimon some whisky that I like to drink and put it on top of his sigil. I left both the sigil and the glass with whisky under a table since I’m with my family and I don’t want them to find out I’m doing magick.
Anyways, today I went to see the offering and I swear there was less whisky than I offered. No whisky was spilled since the sigil was dry and I’m 100% nobody touched the glass.

Is this normal? What does it mean?

Thank you.


You do know all liquid evaporates, right?


King Paimon liked your offering.

Or this. XD

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yeah but, that fast?

You said that you made the offering on Saturday, and checked it today, which is Wednesday. That is 4 days. That is plenty of time for evaporation.

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yeah but I’ve heard only the alcohol part evaporates, that’s like 40%. The glass is almost empty and it was almost full.

I don’t know, I might be tripping

Hmmm, this happened to me but when I used to work with Santa Muerte. I offered her bread, and it became hard faster than expected. Maybe you can try again and put two glasses, one as an offering, and the other one just to see how fast it consumes itself. You can record your results.


I think its non discountable since its not proven unordinary events like that cant happen, it Could have been liked and taken some at least. I’ve observed other things in offerings liquid and semi liquid seem to disappear almost entirely (when nothing seems like it could have been around to touch it or allow it to evaporate that quick, especially something like honey…). Best way to add to ones knowing is try and ask and listen lol.

I’ve also heard thought and observed some stuff has more ability to occur with things naturally variable anyway, just also with a greater degree of argueability or doubt (animal movements, cloud, or wind affecting for example as one can argue they, clouds, or wind move or behave unpredictably at times anyway). Maybe it costs less energy for entities or gods to affect things like that.