Did I see energy or something else?

today I took a walk into the snow covered forest. During this trip I saw a lot of white and at some point I realized that I saw a lot of bright dots swirling around. They were definitely not on the snow but rather in front of my eyes in the air. I guess the whiteness of the snow made it easier to see them. They moved at a rather quick speed and it seemed like they were each following their own path, sometimes stopping and switching directions.
The best way I can describe these dots is bright white. I also noticed that when I turned my head they would essentially stay in place. Still following their paths but not going to the side as a real world object would.
In case anyone is wondering Im not talking about these floaters you sometimes have on your eyes.
And so I was wondering if what Ive seen was energy or something else.

Could very well be.

I tend to see it as static “swarms” in the air or as colors.

Other times as luminous fibers.

Try looking into spirit orbs

Thats a very good description actually. Like a swarm, multiple of them, just happily swirling around.
I didnt see colors (though I sometimes do when laying in bed with my eyes closed) but this time they were just bright and whiteish. Maybe there was a hint of color but definitely not too colorful, moreso just bright.

Just skimmed the web shortly for spirit orbs but it seems like they are rather big compared to what I saw?
Its hard to put a number on it but if I had to I would say they were a fraction of a millimeter in diameter. Really really tiny.