Did I screw up my petition spell?

On sunday, i made a petition spell to Dantalion asking for two things. the thing is, i asked him for a signal, like a dream that i could remember, or something on my day to day.

Between Monday and Tuesday, something happened, i left my phone with the screen touching my bed and a chat open. When i saw my phone, it had a lot of random digits written, like “1.- sk ldi skd…” . After i saw that, i erased them, but when it was done, i realized the number one before the digits, and remembered that i wrote like that de subjects in the petition.

So, i don’t know if it was a message about that specific petition or what. I know Dantalion usually makes you tests, and I’m worried i must had screwed it up. Maybe I’m just being paranoid about it, but I don’t know what to believe.

i would thank if someone could help me, i’m really new at this,and
i don’t know what to do, or how to contact Dantalion, because i can’t evoke (english is not my first language, but my primary sourcers are in english, so I’m really having troubles with the methods and materials).

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Its near impossible to screw up a petition spell lol (unless you disrespect the spirit in it).

Sooo, you asked for a sign,you got the sign,and you are worried about it.Man does this make sense to you?

You can just evoke in your language and you dont need anything else than maybe some papers and a pencil.


Oh i see, i was worried that maybe i erased his signal and he could had been be angry at me. But i didn’t something disrespectful for him, so if i really erased his signal, it was just an stupid accident. Thanks

And about evoking, would just the sigil work for someone who hasn’t all her senses already open?. I could ask him for help to open them, right? (Sorry if I’m asking obvious things)

Yes but,%99,9,it wont change the outcome that your senses arent opened enough yet to see spirits.You can carry on and pretend like you did call him.After making sure you did it properly of course.

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Thank you! :smiley: i will try it