Did I screw it up with Lucifer?

Its me again guys…

I am going to be honest. I haven’t been the most honest with you guys in that I dont practice evocation often. I make the beginner mistakes of seeing Master tier results at an early stage…

I’ve been trying to practice my 3rd eye by scrying and using Lucifer, as I was advised to ask him for his help in developing psychic abilities.

During 1 scrying practice, I told Lucifer, “I demand you take form before me right this instant.”

in the mastering evocation course, EA spoke about how his friend demanded the power of Enkei.

I am only human, and I just got edgy. When I demanded Satan Lucifer to take form, I felt a more electrifying presence and felt a little more into the TG sync, as I did notice my vision go more fuzzy than I tried.

In this video, EA said to get a picture of your spirit, put the incense in front of it, and start praying to it while getting the TG sync. I had my circle and everything.

When I did the evocation, I got a quick sense of “I’m not going to answer you because you were disrespectful last time”

I told Satan Lucifer that I’m only human I got edgy and I’m truly sorry. With my evocation, I only get the electrifying presence feeling and thats it. And when I did apologize, I did feel a calming sensation. I think he accepted my apology?

I’ve stopped the excuses, I’ve stopped the blaming. I am seriously trying to MASTER evocation.

In the video above, EA said that if you’re starting out evocation, you shouldn’t worry about the full materialization and just worry about results. I’ve gotten neither. Although he did say, it isn’t the best way to go about evocation, he has worked with people who wouldn’t be satisfied until they saw the spirit in full material.

I mean, EA talks about universe bending things such as spirits appearing on thrones literally made of snakes. One can only believe it when they see it?

So, did I screw it up with Lucifer? what do I do from here and how can I improve?

I don’t see why he wouldn’t accept that apology. If you feel there’s more to it your best bet is to ask. There could be something else he’s trying to get you to work on.

Manifestations of broad requests often come in strange ways in strange timing. Don’t give up hope. Know you have it and that will help you truly have it.

Satan is not Lucifer


I’m still new to this. So I am bound to make errors

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If you feel that it is possible he has accepted your apology when you felt that calming sensation, chances are he did; especially if your apology came from a genuine place.

As I was reading your post, I instantly sensed that you should focus on yourself more, and to take your time. Don’t be so hard on yourself either. Listen, meditate, practice. I believe this to be true also because of how your workings with Lucifer aren’t moving anywhere. I sense that you need self-development first before going into evocation. When you are ready for evocation- again- take your time. Do much research and make room for some experimentation to find what works best for you.


Let this be a valuable lesson. Please don’t demand these kinds of spirits to make themselves known to you. Or at all, for that matter. If one were to just work on themselves to open up their senses, and took the time and dedication to invite the being they wish to work with, 9/10 they will succeed. That 1 would only really happen if the being feels the person is not yet ready to work with them, or if the being themself doesn’t wish to work with the person, or maybe it’s the person who changes their mind.

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well he can ask, theres absolutely no issue with that, but of course to demand sounds more like an order, in that case i agree that he should not demand but rather ask

Well you’re lucky that Lucifer is a spirit for beginners and sees through you. They could easily do some torment…

You don’t demand, you ask. And remember Lucifer decides, even if you ask.
He decides when he shows up, could be before and evocation, could be after, he decides.
He decides if you’re worth his time.

You said sorry, now try to learn meditation, mastering evocation and be respectful, nice. Treat them like you would treat people you respect. Then he will see the other side and I think he will help. Good luck.

Everyone makes mistakes, but the first rule is. Be respectful. Even if another Magician, says you can demand you have to think for yourself. “Would I like it if people where demanding to me?”

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