Did I Really Just Sell My Soul?

I apologize for the length… but I wanted to share what has been going on with me.

A while back I was meditating and attempting to reach out to Lucifer for guidance, I felt a presence and someone calling my name. I asked them to identify themselves, and they did.

AZAZEL in big bold letters came across my mind. I wasn’t familiar with Azazel, so I asked what he wanted, and he said to help. He told me what I would need to speak with him again.

1 White Candle and 1 Black Candle. Chant his enn and focus between the 2 until they became 1.

I went and purchased those items and over the next several days I sat and we spoke. I spoke out loud but Azazel answered by showing me large, bold, solid words in my mind. I asked and he answered… I found myself learning more about myself than I ever had before. He told me I was blocked up and this would help clean my chakra’s and help me in my journey on the left hand path.

Finally, I asked Azazel if he could help me with things that I desired. I saw one word pop in my mind.


My eyes opened. I was not familiar with Belial and that was not the name I thought I’d see when asking about desires… but if this is where I was being pointed… this is where I was going to go.

I began to research on how to contact Belial. I clicked on several sites, sites I had gone too before but none of the sites would open… except one. This page required me to create a magic circle. Inside the circle, I was to place Belial’s sigil and on top of that, a red candle. I was to walk clockwise around the circle 9 times, chanting his enn and holding a black candle. Then, I was to place my left hand in the circle and focus on drawing Belial into my reality while calling him forth.

I continued to call him as my hand was in the circle and I felt my hand close into a fist. Pressure was all around it and I could not open my hand. I stopped chanting and called out to Belial. I said that Azazel sent me and I needed help. I explained what I wanted… Fame. Fortune. And the obsession of a particular woman I have feelings for. The front part of my face began to feel hot as I felt my hand tighten even more and I felt the words in my mind say “what will you sacrifice? Your music?”

Of course not… I need my music to gather fame which will lead to fortune. I told him no. He then asked “what about your soul?” I hesitated. “After a long life…. I would be willing if I could have what I want… how I want it. “So be it” I heard. I shouted “So it is done” and I felt my hand release. It hurt from being clenched so tight. I opened a window…. Blew out the candle… and packed everything up and decided not to think about it.

I woke up in the middle of the night to see a strange figure in the corner of my room. He stood about 2 feet tall and looked like a fat Bela Lugosi. He just stared and I stared back trying to see if it was a trick of the light… but I told myself whether it was real or not… I needed my sleep. That night I dreamt I was on beach. There were no stars in the sky. The water was a putrid brownish green. There was no way to drink it… and if I did it would surely make me sick. The waves were crashing repeatedly over and over. As lightning lit up the dark sky, I could see shadows of creatures in the sea that would eat me or tear my limb from limb if I tried to leave.

Behind me was a dense forest. In the forest I could see the movement of creatures. Giant spiders, giant wasps, and giant snakes. They ran onto the beach and I tried to run from them but they just kept attacking me over and over again. When I died… I just rematerialized to find myself at the same place on the beach where I had began.

I’m not sure how many times I had died… but as I was running in agony I fell and a figure appeared in front of me. It was at least 10 feet tall. Draped in a dark robe, hoofs for feet and horns coming out of his skull like head, he looked down on me and said “this is the hell that awaits you… are you sure you want to make this deal?”

I didn’t even hesitate. I shouted yes. He looked at me, smiled and said “Sign your name upon my sigil in a red pen and this is as it shall be” and I woke up. I don’t remember my dreams. I haven’t in over a decade at least. But this was fresh. It felt real. My arms, legs, back and hips hurt so bad. The first thing I did when I got to work that morning was pull out his sigil and sign it with a red pen. But now… I sit and wonder. Was this really Belial? Was it some other entity who is messing with me? Was it all in my head? Was that dream just a nightmare? Did I really just sell my soul?


Of course it was Belial.and he gave you an out and you refused. What the hell’s wrong with you pal. How can you wish something like that upon your soul. Your soul is in charge of your existence on here and is your ally.

Belial is no monster. You are


Selling of the soul is really a myth to be honest. I didn’t read all of this yet just the title and the first part. There’s always a chance that since yoh were aiming for Lucifer you got parasites acting like two of the gate keepers.

Azazel is a great teacher too. I am going to have to read more and all of it not just scan I g for words to tell you if I feel they are parasites or not.

Selling of a soul is really a parasite thing.

I am close to both Azazel and Lucifer and they have never asked for my soul.


It’s not a myth. Very possible. Lol if your soul Cam be devoured it can be sold and trapped in that kind of loop to the amusement of the being who “bought” it


Can be

Right especially with parasites, but the whole you have to sell your soul to the devil to work with the devil is just not true.


I doubt average parasites can do that. Probably ghouls and intelligent beings with that kind of experience.

Of course you don’t have to sell your soul to work with the devil. But what the OP has done or about to do is very possible.


You would be surprised. Some of the messes people get into and I have tried to help the get out of with parasites.

The thrive on the downfall and feeding off of the human that’s why they are called parasites. I have seen people lose their kids and lives at the hands of parasites.


I did just read that and the. Questions if it really the true being with us a red flag that they were not ready and could very much be in trouble very soon.

To be honest… if you’d called me a monster a week or so ago I would have agreed but one of the things Azazel taught me through Shadow Work was accepting the darker parts of myself. Accepting that I want what I want. I have to accept that there is a side of me that wants things other people might deem “wrong” or terrible" but it’s part of who I am. “Ask with guilt… and it’ll will be yours. You will be free to have whatever you want… including the consequences.” It didn’t make sense at the time that I might be put in a position to sell my soul. And it might not make sense to anyone else… but I would be willing to suffer an eternity to have the things I want now. Does that make me a monster? Short sighted? Selfish? I guess so. As long as that end of the bargain is held up… I know what I’m in for.

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I would definitely love to hear your full thoughts. Azazel and Lucifer have been nothing but kind. Belial was not unkind or mean in any way… but was this really him. If not… did I really sell my soul since my pact was with Belial? If it was him… then I guess I’ll wait to see if he holds up his end.


I totally believe it was Azazel he’s a teacher it’s what she does. I am not 100% sold on it being Belial as of yet. So, if it is the cause and it isn’t him. We can get you out of a pact like that just might take some work and the real Belial. If yoh don’t mind we can chat in DM so that we can dig deeper and not expose you to anything if there are parasites.

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Have you been to prison mate? I get it we all have our shadows. But bro allowing yourself to be trapped for god knows how long is beyond that .

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Question is if a mere parasite can do that don’t you think the entities we interact with can do much worse? If offended or if people make dumb choices like the one up above. You know the nature of Belial I presume he will teach you the hard way even if it’s holding your soul captive for 500years.to learn a stupid lesson from bad decisions you made.
Slavery is not just a human concept


I’ve never been to prison, no. Just being in that place for however long I was in my dream was already terrible. But we all have a price we’d pay to get something we want.

Walls caving in on you. Nowhere to go. I’m no. Saint but that stuff is depressing

Freedom or at least some level of freedom should never be traded in for meagre things. Your life on here has a blueprint as much as you have your own will. It’s human nature to always seek more and those things might come to you but maybe will not satisfy you in the long run.

But anyway mate. Infernal blessings.do what thou wilt


They could 100%. I personally never want to push them that far. It’s human ego to think that they are stronger then the demon. I have read about horrible Azazel possessions that went wrong and let to death. I have seen people be possessed by gatekeepers and never even know it.

The fluffy Version we show in this forum are the truth selves of the demons. They are just our good experiences. The ones that have fell out of favor are probably locked away insane or in the ground dead.

My own mother have mental illness due to human black Magick Gone wrong.


I’m sorry about that. This really got to me since I have been jailed for a short while(during my qlippothic workings might I add :joy::joy:)

And Yes as much as magic really helps those who seriously need it I also feel that most people have been too relaxed and hesitant in discussing
the repurcusions of this path if not handled appropriately


I truly appreciate your concern. I know that every single word you type is coming from a place of love. Thank you.