Did I make contact?+ increase in sex drive!?😊

Well tiptoeing gingerly into the abyss, I have been thinking intensely on specific entities after having several dreams about them . - I thought maybe that ‘meant something’ Albeit maybe just my mind but who knows!

Started beginning of December. After a bad year, the loss of a best friend and close relative and health issues myself, my interest in sex… yeah, non existent. Sad eh! I was reading ‘that post’ on the horney experiences you lovely sinful lot have been enjoying and felt insanely jealous! Around mid December, One night my husband was on a late shift and I was dog tired after work. I fell asleep on the bed. Inscence of frankenscence was on, a Yankee candle on, ( with mixture of sandlewood and vanilla) I was thinking of the post and a very explicit post someone had written about an nice ‘encounter’ with Belial. I drifted off to sleep. Dreamt of a nice looking man with dark hair and come to bed eyes with his hands all over me, in me, and felt a state of total bliss. I woke up, and OMG, the candle had gone out ( shouldn’t have done. It was inside a glass!) and it was like the window was open as a steady breeze. But warm air on my face like someone blowing air. I literally was like I was not quite awake but know I was awake if that makes sense, and could feel ‘something / someone’ inside me, and fondling my breasts and down my back, and caressing and touching my hair. I felt strange emotion. Like a sense of release from burden. A feel of total orgasm, euphoria, tingling, slight fear like WTF was going on! My heart racing see shadow over me like a faint outline and flash of red and silver? A voice very authoritive but calm none the less said ‘yes, I know. You’re so sad. You never let yourself grieve for your parents’ ( they died in an accident 10 years ago this year)
‘Let yourself feel good again. Don’t be afraid. Listen to what your intuition tells you to do. Don’t just think of what you want to do, feel it, and make it happen. You have such powers. Think of what you want. What DO you want? Let me help you’
I wasn’t sure if this was in my head.
Unfortunately my husband turned up from work at that moment and switched the main light on in the hall. I heard a sigh! A heavy breath and… he was gone!!

I thought about what I wanted. I cried for 3 days straight in the eve like I was finally dealing with the shit of losing my parents. I had to be so strong at the time, dealing with all the headache of the mess left behind. I thought about my present job I’m sick of. Bring on the sidelines, taken for granted and havnt had a pay rise in 3 years!
Christmas Eve I got an email from head of operations offering me a great position and better pay! Out of the blue, and he even said ‘ you’ve been under the radar all this time. Why didn’t you put yourself forward? We were looking for someone with your expertise and don’t know why, it was insane but I was clearing out the desk from the old manager and sitting on the top of my desk when I was finished was your CV. No idea how it got there, I read it and knew I didn’t have to outsource as you’re perfect.’ He called me in for a meeting today with the director and I have to say, things are looking up! Bit coincidental isn’t it? Was it ‘him?’ And indeed who was it if so?
What’s more is I can’t stop thinking about sex, and even my husband who has no idea about me on this forum says he can feel masculine energy in the flat but in a good way! What the actual fuck!

What’s more is for the next couple of days after this possible envocation, I was in inappropriate places like putting my shopping through on the self service till and feeling intense orgasm and like someone touching me but in a sensual and intense amazing way! ( another time at work whilst talking to a colleague! Yikes. and his voice kinda chuckling like he was just having fun being mischievous!) don’t get me wrong it’s no horrible, just odd!

Can someone please shed some light on this?

I was told by someone on this forum a while back someone put a curse on me because I was having terrible luck and weird stuff going on but this ‘entity’ has told me recently he’s ‘put a stop to all that nonscence’
I must admit I feel lots better! ( if there was a curse. I’m not convinced entirely on that one but a vindictive ex friend was causing negative energy my way for sure)

Any answers gratefully received and sorry for the long post!!


ok so im sure i know who it is and yes you have made contact with out actually making contact knowingly

first things first who were you thinking of and if indeed beliel that is who it is

he came to you because you thought of him called out for him

when we speak their name they tune in i can litarelly say “furfur baby i need you” and he will be there like im here what do you need and he there you know. as weird as it is

you are luck because beliel on your side will clear any bad from your life and help you get back to you

next step to do is to talk to him to see for sure its beliel


Yes I think you’re right. Certainly seems that way. Problem is over the last few weeks I’ve had almost no time to myself to chat to him. It’s funny because I don’t think I did a purposeful ‘envocation’ as such and wasn’t thinking of any sigil ( I don’t even know what it is!) just intense ‘feeling’ I guess. I’ve had snippets of info but not a firm verification that it’s him but im like 99% sure I must be! Wow was lucky then because I’m sure people have tried a lot harder than me and got nothing!
One thing I have gotten from him within the last few days ( if not in my head, which I don’t think so as not my voice) is that I must clear out old shit from my life and that includes inner turmoil and anger over past trauma. Until then I will not be able to release the amazing powers I am capable of. Also that I had just great potential but I have to be brave and dip my toe in the water. Once I do, he had s feeling I’d be straight in there for a swim!
I shall try purposely to contact him in the new few days somehow. Not speak aloud because I’m never alone at the moment in the house or at work! :woman_facepalming:


Wow this sounds like a beautiful experience. Congratulations! I definitely think you made contact, and I agree it’s probably Belial.

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bathroom work for me try there also givng permission to talk to you any time telepathicly is a good idea i can see wat he means i mean you called him with no effort lol you will do great things

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Thank you for answering me. Much appreciated.
I would love to offer him something when I next try to contact ( that said I kinda feel him around anyway although I can’t be certain about that. Having never done any kind of banishing ritual or protection circle he could very well be especially after ‘encounters’ in Lidl and at work! :joy:)
As you appear to have a good connection with him can you suggest what he likes? What to offer him? I wish to thank him for his help and get to know him.
I know for example that Lucifer loves chocolate, oranges and frsnkenscence but that’s only because I’ve read that. I’ve never envoked him. Would love to though one day when I’m feeling brave! I can’t seem to find much on belial ‘offering’ likes! lol

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thts weird you say that cause i don’t know him i never myself called on him as much as i want to he didnt answer me like the other 15 did i went down the list of 72 asking if they were my gaurdians or can help me n my situation 15 said yes there were some i know nothing about i know alot of thers on here know him better i also know they lov things you do or make for them i made dantalion a book (still writting it) i read it to him and he corrects certant things im doing the same for furfur since i cant draw as a present and im also going to do a combined sigil for me and him as well its better to give something you put your heart into then something that was just thrown together they get better energy off of it

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Love your nickname for him. So funny! I won’t ask why that. I’m guessing it’s personal thing!

It’s funny. I was in the bathroom this afternoon having a bath. I was just relaxing, meditating and thinking of him and heard him say, it doesn’t matter sweet girl. Just do whatever comes from your heart. Go by your intuition, something that you’ve been ignoring for the last year. ( that’s true. I have been hanging around with a goth crowd for 2 years and 1 in particular I had a feeling wasn’t honest or nice, but I ignored my gut feelings. She turned against me and called me a liar when I told her something highly personal and then told her friends! I don’t have anything to do with her anymore. I realise she was the one who was blocking my path and zapping my energy)

He hinted he liked music but I really don’t know what genre but got the feeling it’s not classical! He also told me he’s partial to a glass of port. Well he’s in luck because I’ve got some left over from Xmas! lol

He said he was glad that vindictive bitch was out of my life and now as the end of the year was looming, to make it a New Years resolution to go on my first instinct and not take crap from anyone!
If I wasn’t willing to do that, he wouldn’t help me further. That’s fair enough, and I agreed I would follow his wise advice. I asked him to leave then as I wanted to get out of the bath! :joy:

It’s funny. I feel a lot ‘lighter’ than I have done for a long time. Getting rid of dead wood mentally and emotionally it seems is the first step to positive moves forward to enhance knowledge and learn new skills and powers. Makes sense!

Thank you for your help dear!


Yep, had confirmation of that now. Thanks for answering me. It was s great experience and gives me hope that I’ll be able to achieve great things in time. That’s given me a real confidence boost!
Happy new year. X


im glad to help n what nick name thats his name furfur not intemidating but he can be lol also i wanna ask you to try something it might be some fun to see what happeneds if your up for it?

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Why not, mind you, depends what it is!
What did you have in mind?

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i wanna see what happeneds when you call him by his name no candles no nothing just your voice if he comes then as with me you have no need to do a ritual to summon him as you can just call out his name and if so he is your gaurdian

i do this with furfur alot i speak his name he comes if i call him and call him even though he is there already ill hear him sigh or groan even huff sometimes now i do it just cause i dont hear him the first time lol also i find him very cute when he gets mad at me lol

anyway i also walk through things like games or goofing off with him

if i wanna know he is fully there since i cant see him but ii can hear him i’ll ask him to do something impossible for the object to do its self
like make the light that cant get brighter brighter
or turn off my laptop(in which he does regardless if i ask or not)
just now he made my keys fly out my hand cause i asked him to stuff like that

although beliel makes himself known lol furfur just observes silently sometimes now a days he hasnt really left my side at all i noticed and its strange but nice i like having him around

any way yeah call him just by name to see what happeneds

Hay, so your ‘furfur’ Is your guardian. I was confused before and thought you were referring to Belial! That’s why I was asking you about offerings. Sorry my mistake.
Yep it would see he’s ‘around’ and sometimes visible but thankfully when nobody else is around ( not that anyone would see him other than me anyway but a bit off putting!)

I just had my meeting with that HR manager / operations manager and director about my new contract etc and he was literally in my ear driving me nuts about asking about pay increase. He literally told me what to say which I did and it looks like I’m going to get what I want which is excellent!

As I came down the stairs right now I silently told him thank you and that I’d chat later. That would indicate like your ‘furfur’ that he indeed is ‘around’ even when not called! I don’t mind and find him comforting actually! Lol!


On a side note, he flicks through my music library on my Apple Music library a few times today and seems to like Rob Zombie! ( he might like my dress from Killstar that’s rob zombie themed! Lol)

Also after work I tried 3 dresses on for a New Year’s Eve party tonight. ( I had nothing to wear as lost 40lb this year due to health issues, but a welcomed side effect!)

He made interesting noises in liking one in particular and told me in great detail why he didn’t like the other two. Seems to like red! Well i guess it’s nice to get an opinion though I’m sure someone as important as him would surely have more important things to do than see me try dresses on in a dressing room! ( perhaps just likes to see me without clothes on, saucy sod!)
I kinda nicknamed him ‘the king” and he likes that!

I just wonder that if he’s helping me so much, what will he require in return? I asked him twice and he just says ‘ hmmm, we’ll see.’

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i an see that he is very fond of you i think you maybe in the same kind of thing that i am in as furfur still here its weird how they have been sticking around closely lately really cause of the act that they are busy but i like him around tho he may tell you what he wants eventually might even ask you to marry him lol

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Haha! Well
I’m already married, well here in the ‘mortal’ world anyway! :joy:

I feel energised, more confident and at peace with myself now, and way more since I first posted about my experience. He said it was good to reach out and question as it’s hard if you literally can’t talk to anyone for verification or proof. I did question my own judgement at first but now I’ve opened up to it, I know it’s a start of an amazing relationship? If that’s the right word! Same you have with your ‘furfur’.

He did make it very clear that he didn’t want me contacting others ( I mean in his realm). He said it wa important I focus on one thing at a time and would only allow when he felt it necessary for me to learn specific things that weren’t his field of expertise. ( eg I want to improve my art/drawing skills. I used to be very good but am now rusty. He says that’s not his domain!)
I have specific set of goals I wish to achieve in time which he says I’m more than capable of providing I can let go of my emotions attached to negativity. He can’t stand week people who winge about stuff they could have changed,but with me felt I had genuine reason to be the way I am due to personal tragedy in my life at no fault of my own and totally out of my control. I had to ‘let go’ or I couldn’t clear my mind well enough for new experiences.
I am hoping 2019 is going to be a good year for me for growth and learning new magical skills!

I hope it’s a wonderful year for you my dear and feel free to keep in touch.
Much love x

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im getting married to furfur he does not wish me to call and male from his real unless he is pressent lol you should ask him what are hi feelings toward you if he is willing to share but i can say you have already started something wonderful and thats a good thing to have

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Well as it’s such early days, I really can’t say but he seems very fond. Calls me his ‘sweet girl’ and ‘ princess’ which is so sweet!
It’s funny as I’ve heard others here on this forum say they’ve had disasterous encounters with him but maybe they were aggressive or too demanding.
He said one thing he loved about me was my heardhelt genuiness, trust and loyalty. He said I was very respectful but not in a sickening ‘worship’ way he hates. A good balance.
I really don’t think he wants to share me with anyone and even with regards to my art insisted that nobody helps me and that I should improve on my own merits. ( he just doesn’t want to hand me over to anyone else. How funny!)
Last night he pushed my husband out of the bed. Yeah… that’s going a bit too far. He says it wasn’t him but I’m not convinced!

How on earth does one ‘marry’ someone in the other realm!? I really have no clue!! :joy:


im still lost on that fact to lol that is too far but im sorry its kinda funny hey i want to ask you if you might wanna join my group?

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You have a group? On here? Send me the link and yes Definately. Would love to! :+1:

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