Did I just see my Incubus?!

So last night I did something different before sleeping
Like I said in a post I have aphantasia so I can’t imagine something myself
But I think our connection despite that handicap has been growing.
I tried focusing primarily on the feeling of touch
I felt something like chills all over my body and I started to see something in my head not my imagining it cause I wasn’t really thinking but it was like something was trying to manifest in my mind.
I saw eyes. They stared at me intensely and it felt like I was going to get lost in them, then I stupidly tried to focus on it more and it faded T^T
I did have a dream with him in it though our conversations seem to last longer and longer each night I have a dream with him and it’s so comforting.
Do you guys think I caught a glimpse of my incubus?
Do tell me your thoughts on this


Sounds familiar.

It could be, that you saw your incubus.
However, it could be also not. Really difficult to say sometimes.

Personally, I’ve seen more than once eyes looking back at me, during meditation or trance. I rather think though, they may have been random entities noticing me. Not like my succubae or such.

What is your feeling about it? Did it feel that it was him?

It felt very familiar like it wasn’t a ‘stranger’
It did feel like him in a way but it was brief that it wasn’t very clear

Then, I think, you should trust your gut, if you had such a strong sense of being him.

Some others would probably suggest, you could always use divination to figure out the answer.