Did I just screw this up. or do something Counter Productive?

I have many of the reverse candles, all of them.
I smudge them with Palo Santo because they have not been blessed or dressed. I figure I would do it and consecrate them., I asked the removal of the negative energy and enter the positive energy.

I got to thinking, should I have done nothing and left the negative energy their so that it may work the reversal end of the candle and return whatever negative energy that was sent my way?
Am I over thinking this(very high probability with me) and all I simply did was bless the candles. I most certainly want to send back to sender.

I know you guys will help so Thanks in advance.
If I messed up I will just buy new ones just let me know.

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I think your overthinking it. I rarely dress candles, but I’ve read on the hoodoo forums, the traditional way to do it with reversal candles is to dress both ends, the end you are using to send back the bad shit first, by holding it so it’s pointing away from you and using brushing motions away from you to dress it. you’re supposed to think about sending the stuff back while you do that.

Then you are supposed to turn it around and dress it with motions towards you while thinking about the good returning to you.

You’re also supposed to carve the targets name if there is one- in mirror writing on their end, and yours in normal writing on your end.

When I do a reversal, I just take a normal candle, reverse the wick, carve the names if I have one and burn it, so I think most of the steps are for sake of mindset and getting into the right intentions for performing the work.

So in your situation, as long as the intent is to send it back when you light it up, I think you will be fine :slight_smile:

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