Did I just experience ego death?

I was trying to contact the spirits of entheogens but instead of meeting a spirit I received a vision they said I was not ready to go down this path.

But not too long after that I started to become one with random objects then it progressed into things becoming absorbed in my body.

I started to loose my sense of self and my individual conscious I then started to merge with the universe and I became everybody around me and myself at the same time. I had an individual conciousness but at the same time I had everybody else’s conciousness the world melted away.

This has never happened to me before and I’ve take several different entheogens for years now. I just recently started a shamanistic journey with them tho. I used them only for meditation and recreation before this shamanic journy.

I’ve been called to be a shaman for many years but i never knew how to begin. Until recently.

So this is day 1 I guess I’ll post more about this tomorrow.


Yes this is one form of death. I have experienced this during extremely high thc intake along with magick.

Its called instrumentality.

You should checkout Neon Genisis Evangelion i think youd enjoy it (out on Netflix).


I was taking super high quality weed and tons of it at the time of the experience

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A fascinating post, and it does sound like an ego death of sorts to me.

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Edibles will def do it. Also those 41% prerolls in golden keef :eye:
I like the presidential blunts and the 20/20 future.

This post wasnt withdrawn

David R.Hawkins, in his book Power vs. Force talks about the enlightenment phenomena.
From direct experience, according to him.
Osho talks about it a lot in The Book of Secrets

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