Did I fuck up? + Help me with tarot divination interpretation

Hello to all. A week ago I evoked Duke Sallos (Ritual no.1 of Demons of Magick by Gallery of Magick) asking him to make my ex boyfriend feel a strong love for me and to act upon it.

Now, two or three hours before the ritual I took my anti-anxiety meds as prescribed by my doctor. After the ritual opening I started to feel a little… high? I started to feel different. Like the time and space around me was still, and smooth at the same time. I had some tachycardia during the ritual and it is impossible if I had been under the influence of anti-anxiety meds. That medication at that dose never made me this high, actually quite sober, let alone 3 hours after taking it. I performed the ritual correctly though.

The point is, I’ve been wondering if the ritual worked at all, so I did divination with tarot. I used a ex reconcilation spread and the outcome is the following:

Past history: King of Pentacles reversed
Present: The fool
My ex’s current situation: Two of Swords reversed
How my ex feels about me: Temperence reversed
How does my ex feel about reconciling? The Hierophant
What can I do to help the situation? Four of cups reversed
Will we reconcile? Six of Pentacles

PS: I should probably note that Archangel Michael encouraged me to do the ritual that night. I’m sure it was really him by his energy and not an impostor. He and I share a long story of friendship.

I’m not understanding anything. Any feedback, advice and interpretations are appreciated. Help me please.

Did you do the reading while still feeling the effects of your meds or the ritual, whatever it was that made you feel like this? I’m thinking the tarot may have reflected this, with as many reverse cards as you had. Sounds like you were feeling “upside down”

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I did the reading yesterday while sober.
And no, during the ritual I would not say I felt upside down. I felt somewhat grounded, as I spoke the words clearly and loud. And I felt protected. Very strange feeling but pleasant. Angelic presence maybe? In the ritual opening I called upon Uriel, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Metatron. I don’t know

This is a very interesting spread. I’d like to look more closely at it tomorrow…I’ve just had a big dinner and wine, I’m a bit sleepy, lol. I have some ideas but I’m not quite right at the moment.