Did I finally open a sigil?

I was using the sigil of Sastan from the M.E course,and the lines began to float off the paper in a white aura.The lines didn’t disappear but the room became dark.I asked him to enhance my skrying abilities ans the white fog covered the water in the black bowl.I saw a lot off energy coming out of the bowl but no images.I did however receive the internal impression that if Ikeep my practice up daily I’ll be evoking spirits to physical form.Has anyone experienced this kind of sigil working where the lines don’t disappear but just start float off and on the paper?

Yes, you opened the sigil.

Congratulations, you did it. Now upwards and onwards to power my friend!

When you saw the aura and the lines “floated” you made a link with that symbol.
When the room became darker you were in trace and start to get into rapture then crossroads.

Going through furter when the room becomes darker is where you will need patiente till you can reach the crossroads.

But it can be said the sigil has been opened.

Thanks for the tip divinater.I’ll do this exercise again,and further my connection withtha spirit before I skry.

congratulations Musta Krackish!

so i still haven’t opened a sigil. but will post here when i do!

Is it normal when beginning to learn to open sigils to only be able to connect with the first sigil you opened? I was able to open Sastan’s sigil but when I tried Paralda nothing happened.Is there an entity besides Sastan that can help me to start opening more sigils?

Once you’ve contacted an entity, that entity is with you FOREVER. So trying to open a sigil of an entity you’ve already worked with is a piece of piss.