Did I feel the presence of a higher entity? Spirit? Or was it just my Magick

So I am new on here, and I introduced myself and my current goal and struggle. I have been thinking of doing something, some kind of ritual or something (keep in mind, I’m still new) for some time, to help me to pass MEPs and boot camp to become a Marine.
I had four candles and just my words involved. I made a circle with two of my fingers in my room for me to sit in, and a doorway for me to enter before I start.

I removed the cross from my room and placed it in my bathroom (I only have the cross there because out of respect for my parents whom I still live under). I also put my phone away and turned my Bluetooth speaker off, I had a lighter and lighted all the candles.

The candles I had are

  • A vanilla creme
    *A red apple crisp
  • A pink sweet pea
  • A orangish cidre Chad
    I know I probably should of chosen the same candles, but these are the candles I could find.

The candles were lit, and it was 12:02AM. I stepped into my circle and sat down, I was just in my boxers because I felt like I had to do it, but before I stepped in I bowed my head.

I sat down, and I felt much lighter than usual. I kind of felt like my body was slowly rocking back and forth but I don’t think it was noticable but I could feel it. I said what I needed to say, I needed help to pass MEPs and to have the strength to pass boot camp, so I could become a Marine.

I noticed the red apple crisp candle was flickering more than the others, everything around me was calm and at some points all the flames were smooth, and some flickered but I noticed the red one flickered more often and the flame looked as if it grew.

I didn’t call on a specific entity, I read somewhere (can’t remember) that I don’t chose which entity or spirit helps me, they decide if they want to or not. I was facing the East side and the candles were the only thing lighting the room.
I finished saying what I needed to say and thanked them, I exited my circle.
I extinguished all the candles and made my room how it was before. I looked at the time and it read 12:24AM, so it took me about 20mins.

Were my words heard? This is my first time I’ve done something like this, was a spirit or an entity in my presence because I felt lighter along with the slow rocking. Or was it just my own Magick?


Unless you explicitly called on an entity or felt their presence, then it was probably just your magic. Which is certainly not a bad stretch by any means.

Slava Bogum


I see, I’m thinking of seeing if I can at least communicate with Lucifer, I want to see how beautiful he is and if he’s willing to help, but I’m not sure if he will because I’m still a beginner.

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From my understanding of the Lucifer of Demonology, that’s his gig: helping beginners. I personally have never worked with him, but he is definitely not high and mighty.

You may not be able to see him at first, but you should definitely be able to feel his presence.

Slava Bogum

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