Did I encounter an imposter or is this just how Belial is?

I was thinking of Belial and out of nowhere, I heard “I wanna f***” by a manly voice. I was taken aback very quickly and continued my day. Then, I felt a spirit LITERALLY on top of me when I laid down a couple of days later and the day after that and the day after. I sneezed in my dream (in his mouth) and he f**** growled at me. I told him I wasn’t comfortable with such a relationship, but every time I lay down, I hear a spirit whisper in my ear. It’s getting a bit weird.

I haven’t known him to be so aggressive, but sex, even with other men, is not outside the realm of what he will do. Usually in regard to men he takes a feminine appearance or something. Or he does something weird. But never known him to be that aggressive.

It’s probably just a sex spirit of some kind, he didn’t say he was Belial did he? Maybe one of his entourage?

Sounds like a ghost if not a parasite. Did you banish and put up wards to prevent randoms before you started? If you did not, the astral is a very busy place and full of unsavoury types, I’d attach this thing.

To check if an entity is the one you want, ask it to show you its sigil. If it’s not Belial it won’t know what that is.

I banished, but did not put up wards. Completely forgot them

Ah ok, without wards they can get the bum’s rush out the door but walk right back in. I think of wards as a “fence” or a way to shut the door so they don’t come in in the first place and you can work (and eat and sleep) in peace.

The only caveat is you might want to banish first, as sometimes you can trap a thing inside your wards and you don’t want that.