Did I do this?

Hello everyone. I had recently been working Sitri to seduce a girl. My astral senses are not developed enough yet to hear or see him, but I feel like I’ve felt his presence before. Last night I had a strange dream. I was on a boat in the middle of the ocean when a skeleton figure appeared. I did not feel threatened by him at all. He handed me a scroll. When I unrolled this scroll, I saw the sigil of Sitri. The next day, I found out the girl had broken up with her boyfriend the day before. My question is did I have anything to do with this, and was the skeleton figure Sitri? Any help is appreciated.

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Sounds like your petition/spell with Sitri worked. Sitri works fast. Just know that he’ll bring you a short term fling and not a long lasting relationship. I’ve worked with him and he’s also good at enhancing your own sexual prowess (which negates the use of a love spell). My personal favorite method for “Love Magick” is to cast spells on myself and not any specific love interest.

I believe that the dream was definitely a message from Sitri. The skeleton could of been him or one of his spirits that are under him. When he gave you the sigil it was like his calling card to let you know it was him. Don’t get hung up on his appearance he manifests in different for different people.


You probably did, yeah. Just wait things out now and see where it goes. Update us here if you end up getting success

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