Did I do this right( questions about calling spirit)

So I’m preparing to call onto Sallos. From what I gather from DOM I start with calling the archangels then after the names of the Shem angel and the emissaries to call onto the spirit. Then perform the license to depart and THEN the ritual one? Or just the ritual one? I saw Sallos enn isn’t the same as the psalm in the book. Is there a reason for that or is that two diff things?
I don’t really read instructional books. I’m a visual learner, so please excuse the confusion. I just wanna make sure I’m doing this the right way. am I getting this right?

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Demons of Magick doesn’t use enns because its source material is traditional Kabbalistic magick. Enns come from the religious practice of demonolatry, and have no place in traditional forms of ceremonial magick.

Enns are never necessary, though if you look around this forum, you might be given the mistaken impression that they are. I, personally, never use them and have no problems evoking demons.

To do Ritual One in DOM: Step 1: Perform the Ritual Opening. Step 2: Perform the Core Ritual (This includes the calling of the Emissaries and the Shem angel) up to the part where it says "I call on thee name of demon. Then you follow the specific procedure of Ritual One with your coded cipher.