Did I contact King Paimon?

Lately I have been having an interest in working with or contacting ‘demons’. I do journey work or “piercing the veil”, through astral travel, lucid dreaming and usually work with ‘spirits’ across the veil instead of bringing them in the realm with me. I hope I’m making sense. But this feels different, I feel I need to approach this differently so I seek knowledge from people who probably know more about this than I do. I’ve skimmed through the Goetia and several systems for communication but I don’t like the thought of forcing these spirits. It may have gotten Solomon what he wanted forcing them to work for him, but it also brought his demise in the long run. Our knowledge is so little and we can’t really comprehend cause and effect and all that like they can. I guess they got the last laugh. His glory turned to dust and they are still here. Anyhow, since a day or three King Paimon has been on my mind, I don’t know even how that got triggered but everytime I thought about him I just giggled like a 16year old teen. This is before I really knew anything about him. It is kinda embarrassing and feels silly but I can’t help it.

Where the other ‘demons’ kinda have an intimating effect on me. I feel his energy is a little calmer. Idk I can’t explain it. So okay I tried meditation, I lit a few candles, burned some frankincense, facing west and chanted his enn while swaying. Almost as soon as I started I could hear the thunder roar in the distance. I don’t really remember but at some point I felt it was time to ask questions. I asked two, but I don’t remember them. I do know every time he answered, I felt a wave of energy from my stomach into my legs. It felt uhmmm well very pleasant. I remember one answer which was ‘yessssss’ but I don’t remember the question. It was like a loud whisper. At that point the lighting struck and a very loud thunder roared that I felt the trembling in my chest. Like standing to close at the speaker at a rave lol. The storm was right above my house at that point. After the meditation I started reading more about him, and read that he usually is very loud. So maybe the thunder was his working?

Now my question, do you think I actually made contact or am I reading too much into things? I really like the thought of King Paimon and I feel I could use his guidance in my life. I don’t really want it to get things or get things done but I want to develop myself as a person and work on my insecurities, take pride in who I am, and gain more knowledge. I been true a lot and I feel he could help me with this. How do I go about it from here? I don’t wanna make it seem like I don’t take it serious because I did the meditation on a whim. I felt I needed to do it and it felt natural to give in to that feeling. All thoughts on this are welcome. I would like also a suggestion on which books to purchase. English isn’t my native language so I hope I made sense. Thank you very much.


That reminded me of my story actually XD. It was King Paimon talking to you that’s for sure. Also, he knows that you respect him and he’ll help you along the way. Trust him and he will teach you his ways.


I think it was him.

It also reminded me of my experience with King Paimon because when I started to get in touch, the weather changed but I didn’t mentionned that in my post since I believed it was maybe just a coincidence.

Also, I had the same feeling with the energy but can more describe it as an “hot oppression” in the chest.

This is exactly one of my goals, and you would be surprised to find out he’s extremely patient and understanding even friendly with humans. (Of course, only if you treat him the way he sould be : always stay very polite and remember that he’s your superior and an amazing King. He does make you feel comfortable with him from my experience.)

Don’t worry, just try to build a bond with him. Contact him again. My first evokation with King Paimon was extremely simple you can read it here if you want. I can tell you that I had a big return even if I didn’t really expect something at first since It wasn’t did as it should be. :

I hope you will get what you want soon!


Very nice you said that because I was actually worried about the respect part lol. I wanna do it seriously and respectful. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can go about it or just stick to what I did before? My senses aren’t developed, I usually don’t work in this realm but it seems he communicated telepathically and I think I prefer that. Do you have any book suggestions maybe?


I read it. Yes I liked his energy too, very much so. Its strong and masculine but calm and collected, its hard to explain. It means a lot to me because of things Ive been through. Thank you for your kind words, I hope the same for you. Do you plan on just meditate on the sigil for contact? I didn’t do that, I just repeated his enn, but I may try that too.


You’re welcome and if you feel the need to talk don’t hesitate! In pm or even here on a topic, I feel like people are mostly caring and helping.

The next time I will meditate on the sigil and chant his enn too! I think any way is great as long as it works for you.


For me the first time I made contact with King Paimon the incense smoke circled my head and all I could hear was a roar of what sounded like an ocean…both of my legs twitched like my nerves were out of control but it was an incredible feeling…


I purchased two books, Become a Living God and Works of Darkness. I think I will study a bit before continuing. I had a self explanatory dream in which my feet were backwards but I was running. I don’t like feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing, but then I read in one of the books that everyone starts out as a dabbler. Can’t argue with that. I do still think my experience was genuine. Thanks for the comments.

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Sounds intense! What incense do you use?

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