Did I consciously AP for the first time last night?

I woke myself up early this morning at 3am to meditate but being I was still tired even though I went to bed early I decided to try it laying down.

I listened to astaroths Enn for a little while because I wanted someone to help me with my astral hearing ( she’s my go to for divination ) and then just shut it off when I felt relaxed enough.

Eventually I dozed off then I woke up to the vibration stage. I even heard static and then a voice tell to listen to them but after that the voice was gone.

Have no idea who it could’ve been.

I remembered to relax and tried to get up. I felt a pop but iirc I was still stuck. I was conscious but still not very lucid so it’s kinda a blur what happened in what order.

I remember feeling stuck for a moment like I was in SP and looking around and seeing what looked like my room but with a darker hue and a lot of blue.

I actually called out to another spirit I’ve worked with but then I remembered that I read most won’t help you out your body. It’s one of those things you’re supposed to learn on your own. I just called their name too. Maybe if I would’ve changed their enn I would’ve got a response.

Anyway I was finally able to get up and leave my body. Everything until the next part is kind of a blur.

I ended up somewhere that actually looked like the inside of one of the buildings we where working on at work. Like it was half finished.

Except there where doors everywhere. Behind each door was a different universe or something. I remember flying around because there where so many and I even thought to myself “ I can’t AP to long because it’s not quality sleep and I have to get up soon, I don’t want to be exhausted for work”.

I finally chose a door and I was greeted with a very vanilla place.

It almost looked like earth. There was a big house , a beautiful garden, sun was out and there was a man standing there. It’s kinda hard to remember what he looked like but I remember thinking he looked like a young professor oak.

He had a smile on his face but no words where exchanged. It felt like a very welcoming and peaceful place. After walking some I consciously told myself “it’s time to go and I don’t want to oversleep” so I closed my eyes like I would in a dream and then opened them.

Nothing. I was still there. I had to close them and concentrate really hard for a minute or two then opened my eyes and I was back in my body.

I honestly can’t tell if I just came close to AP or if it was just a lucid dream. I know some people say the first few times you consciously AP it’s not as vivid as real life and feels like a dream until you get better at it.

Weird this kinda stuff happens when you least expect it. I remember there I was a point where I tried to AP almost every night and nothing happened.

I can only recall a few times when I knew I was APing but I was already returning to my body at that point and didn’t realize what was happening.


This certainly sounds like soul travel to me. Good job, btw!

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@Eli_Levieon there any difference between the two ?

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Nope, they’re the same thing.